Going to Turkey whats the deal taking a drone on a plane?

Aug 12, 2014
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Hi everyone

going away for my 40th to Turkey, and was wondering if i can take the vision plus with me on holiday, any stipulations?
flying with monarch if that helps, any advice or experience taking it on a plane from the Uk would be great

many thanks

IF Monarch allow LiPo batteries on their flights you will have to take them in your hand baggage as they are definitely not allowed in checked bags in the hold. Common sense dictates that you take the Phantom in the cabin too. I certainly won't be risking mine in checked baggage.

Your hand baggage size limits might determine if you can take the bird as hand baggage and these allowances depend whether you're on a Monarch charter (ZB flight number) or scheduled (MON flight number). For a definitive answer you should email the airline and there is a contact form on their website.

From my experience planning this year's flights, every airline has its own rules regarding whether they will allow LiPo batteries on board and if so, how many. I contacted four airlines for my flights this year and was told, no, 3, 6 and unlimited.
Weren't some dudes arrested for 'plane spotting' in Turkey a few years back? It doesn't strike me as somewhere you'd want to be caught 'spying' with a drone.

For some revision, check out a copy of Midnight Express :)
Don't try to fly over Istanbul airport. Last guy that did it a few months ago has not been heard from:-(
Just kidding, I think he is still in big trouble though.
New restrictions came into force 28th Mar 2017, can no longer take spare lipo batteries in the hold or the cabin when flying from Turkey.
I was due to fly tomorrow with my Mavic.

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