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Fun so far - seems like it matches my needs

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision Discussion' started by vbluguitar, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. vbluguitar

    Oct 23, 2013
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    I have been using my Vision since I got it last night (Tuesday). As someone familiar with RC helicopters (I have a coax, and two Fixed Pitch helis, no collective pitch yet though) I am used to the controls and the only hard habit I am having to break is watching the screen rather than the quad.

    The ups -

    1. Very easy to fly

    2. Handles wind well - up to 15 mph so far and it was ok. Bad for video though. Now we are gusting to 40 so I am grounded.

    3. 20-25 minutes of flight are too short, lol. But seriously, running 4 motors for 25 minutes is amazing. Most of my planes and helis are 6 minutes max.

    4. Camera is easy to use, love the ipad mini interface.

    5. using the Ipad screen to set up photos and videos is a must, this fit the bill.

    6. video quality is acceptable once warp stabilized, photo quality is great, even at jpeg.

    7. easy to see and understand nav lights - solid red are on the front for orientation, flashing status lights are on the back. When I lost my wifi link last night (flew over my house about 120 feet away) I just let the sticks go and walked to my backyard. There she was, just where I left her, about 120 feet above the backyard trail.

    The downs so far -

    1. Wifi connections seems to break at 100-150 feet, not 800 feet, which is totally sucky if you ask me. Tried 4 different locations and it happened at all of them. This is not a big deal to me, as I am using this as an aerial photo and video platform, not as an FPV, so I just will stay close to the unit. But for somebody expecting to explore the skies, this might be a big disappointment. I tried both my iphone and ipad to see if they were the issue, but both got disconnected frequently. UGH.

    2. A lot of fisheye, so photos will have to be cropped. Videos get cropped by warp stabilizer automatically, so no big deal on the video.

    3. Very poor low light ability, no surprise there. Once the sun goes down you are done.

    4. No RAW converter yet. Just as with all technology, early adopters don't always get all the features until updates are released. I was prepared for this, so no big deal. DJI says about 2 - 4 weeks for RAW and those who want IOC flight.

    So all in all, I am very satisfied with this little quad camera platform. Its a very stable easy to use unit, that does exactly what I need. Just be prepared for short FPV ranges. I will test a country field tomorrow and let you know if its any better.
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