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Frustrated With Dji

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gary M, May 2, 2016.

  1. Gary M

    Jan 16, 2016
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    So, my P3S never worked right since I bought it. It always had signal issues and never would connect right. Finally the issue got worse to where I couldn't even fly it so I sent it in to Dji for repairs. I was actually impressed with the turn around time in which I got it back. I got it back Wednesday last week. They had given me a new remote and installed a new gimbal. Well, I got 3 or 4 good flights out of it, now the GPS is not showing up on the screen, the gimbal flips down then up every few seconds, the video files do not properly save on the SD card and the video I took today looks like complete garbage. Also, I got 9:10 of constant video then the video turned off and on, off and on, resulting in 16 very short video files. So I just got off the phone with Dji Tech Support, again, and explained my situation. I was number 14 in the call cue, so apparently I'm not the only one dealing with junk from these people. After I told the girl everything that is going on she said "My, that is a mess. Would you like me to send you a shipping label and information so you can send it back in for us to look at it again?" I just chuckled and said, "Well, I would like a shipping label to send it back to you, yes. But I want a NEW drone, not another repair. Screw that." She then said that she couldn't guarantee that I would get a replacement but she would make a note in my file that is what I requested. I then explained to her to make a note in the file saying that if they send it back to me as a repair instead of a new one I wouldn't even take it out of the box and would promptly ship it directly back to them. I guess we'll see who backs down first here. I know I have a P3 Standard, and that it is a cheaper model. But what I spent to get the package I bought was a lot of money for me, or else I would have bought a Pro or heck, a P4. When you spend this kind of money on something it better **** sight work or they should replace it. We'll see...
  2. Big Dog

    Feb 17, 2016
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    I totally agree. I have a p2v and it's the same way. It means nothing to them as they have discontinued them. But when I bought it it wasn't cheap by a long shot. It's insane to me that if you're not willing to spend a couple grand every 6 months they don't even see you as a customer.

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