FPVLR 2.4 radio antenna kit

Mar 3, 2015
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Alberta Canada
Anyone has one of this installed on your phantom 2 non vision? There are lots of people running the FPVLR for the vision model, but can't seem to find any review on the regular P2! I did try the radio mod with a 9dbi TP link antenna, sadly, it performs worse than the stock antenna, I am looking for something that will really give me the range? Not something crazy, but around 1.5 km.
I did a full monte on my P2, all from Tony, I have yet to run out of range on the video side and the control end was obstructions. I have been out well past 1.5 miles full control and video..... I tried a bunch of other antennas before I bit the bullet and bought the FPVLR stuff.... worth every penny.....
I have the 5.8 half sphere, on my video receiver. It don't get more then 100 meters with it. I have a cheap 10 dollar patch that I get 1000 meters with. I am going to try and make a video of the FPVLR antenna at work in the filed this week end. I real want the 2.4 for my P2 transmitter but if this antenna don't work ,that is a lot of money .
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One thing though, I noticed a lot of the long range flight video were flown over farmers field or open area with basically nothing around it. I often fly in dense residential area, once I got 800-900m but usually at 600m, FS will kicked in for lost radio signal. So I guess the interference has lots of variables on range.


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