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Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision Discussion' started by RcVision, May 16, 2014.

  1. RcVision

    Apr 30, 2014
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    ****, I hate this day when I decide to buy P2Vision !!! 3 times get defective camera and today - flyaway with crash in FULL speed!
    This is a long story about lot of defective cameras. In one word I can say, that this is a full DJI negligence!!!
    About flyaway. Today I get third camera (replacement) and go to test it. In the first flight I fly with no problems. Emptied one battery and go back to my work. After work, in my summerhouse I try to fly again to take some pictures. And there it started. Rise up and then fly little to the left, after that I release sticks, but aircraft proceed to fly to the left side. I move stick little to right, but aircraft move to the right with high speed. After this I slowly take it down. It was very difficult, but I do it. I thought that something wrong with propellers and changed them to new ones. Try to fly again, but get the same situation.
    After that I decide go to the field (near the forest), because in my summerhouse was lot of dogs and my children. Drive to the field, rise up (over 10 meters) and then it remains out of control...Itself run to the right, I push it little back (to left) , but aircraft pick up speed to the left and in the FULL SPEED, really high speed - flown near my head, near my car (1 meter) and in the full speed crash to the ground! ...Oh my GOD, what could happen if it were in my summerhouse...... there were playing my kids and dogs.........
    It is a REAL weapon!!! GOD...

    I don`t know, but I think that problem was in the transmitter. It was like in manual mode, but sticks was very, very sensitive and turns themselves. I don`t know what to do now. I am scare to fly again....It is really dangerous!!!

    NOTE: This is not mine first quadcopter (i flown earlier). I also know how to fly in manual mode. I always do calibration dance before every flying. Also I expect when homepoint is marked with fast green flashes. Always check all batteries.Always check that S1 and S2 sticks are in "UP" position before switch on transmitter. Always check satellites.
  2. Mal_PV2_Ireland

    Mar 4, 2014
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    Dublin Ireland
    Have you checked your compass readings in the assistant. I tried to fly mine straight after I got it back from dji and like that it was acting crazy. Plugged it into my laptop and saw the compass readings were off the chart. They were normally 1400 but when I checked this time they were in the 7000's. Had to do the magnet trick to reset it and then do the imu calibration and then the compass dance in the field and it was then back to normal. You will find the magnet reset trick on youtube if needed. Hope this was of some help.
  3. JimDE

    Mar 22, 2014
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    RCVision, I am sorry you have had such a poor experience with DJI products but if it is any consolation you are hardly alone in regretting ever buying one of these things. I have not had a crash as of yet but know it is just a matter of time........ first person who offers me .50 on my dollar invested in this thing will take it away. The risk of injuring someone or doing property damage with a flyaway has taken all the fun out of this product for me so I rarely fly it much anymore. I am retired on a fixed income and can't afford a liability lawsuit wiping my savings out due to damages this could cause if it get's a mind of it's own. Add to that I too went through 3 quads and finally decided to stop trying to get a decent camera because I respect B&H Photo too much to put them through this BS.

    If I would of know the IQ was so poor and the Phantoms tendency towards fly aways was so high I never would of spent my money on this. In the photography world it is down right hard to find a bad camera.... DJI must of went out of their way to make one and change this for quadcopter usage.
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