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Jan 22, 2015
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I have created a site where you can upload your existing CSV log files and replay them on a map.

After uploading your log files you get a pilot log, listing them all and giving you your totals.

In the uploading process the log file will be converted into a Google Earth KML file, with it you can see the track in 3D space.

It's free to use.



Pilot Log.png

Google Earth view:
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I have fixed the registration problem. Give it another try. Thanks for reporting the problem.
It worked, and what a great site. For the first time i understand the use of flight logs. You dont need anything else then this and Kaehn Vision plus app to track your Phantom if something should go wrong. Thanx again

Log files evolve over time so if you notice anything that is not looking correctly after uploading the log file. Use the contact page on the site and attach the log file and I'll fix it as soon as I can.
Hi JB, today i tried to lock in with my other device that i use for flying. I registered with my tab s10.5 but locked out before trying to lock in with note 3 were most of my logs are located. It wont allow me, giving error code 403 something about my ip adress is spam. Please help
He forgot to mention after 10 days it changes to $4.99 a month.

Nooo just kidding!!! I have been using it for couple weeks or more and have had no problems. Nice setup!

Haha, I will never charge for the site usage.

That's very good of you JB and I wish there were many more straight up guys like you.

I have paid for version 1 of one very well known Phantom Android App which has now been upgraded through version 2 to version 3. With each upgrade comes a demand for yet more money. Some folk are really tapping this hobby for all they can get and IMHO, in this case it constitutes downright greed..

I don't have any problems with paying for good apps and have even made donations for freeware where I considered it lived up to expectations.

You made a bold statement there JB of never charging but it shouldn't stop you asking for donations.
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I feel that we all have already spent a ton of money on the hardware.

As we all know hosting is quite expensive and I hope the ad revenue will at least cover my costs in time. But if that won't be enough I might consider opening up for donations. As for a regular cost, that will never happen. If you like the site, share the site link with your friends.
Something must have gone wrong when you uploaded the log file. Most likely you uploaded a log file that the system couldn't recognize correctly. I have added support for more log file types the past two days. Delete the track you have uploaded and create a new track and see if it works. If it doesn't, go the contact page and attach the log file so I can test it.

I will be adding better error handling in the future.
You can now share your tracks with your friends using the most common social networks.

If you don't see the icons under the map then you need to edit the track and change the audience to either Everyone or 'Me + People I share the track with'.

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