firmware update

  1. V

    P3 Firmware P3P not saving data after firmware update

    Greetings, I have been an owner of a Phantom 3 Pro for about 2-3 years and I have been very satisfied with it so far. I decided to update the drone firmware because I was getting annoyed of the notification in the DJI GO app saying my firmware is outdated and that I needed to update it. I...
  2. T

    Phantom 3 4K firmware update without VPS module?

    Hello! Anyone has an experience about software update with VPS module disconnected? I red a warning in another thread but did't get the answer what could happen if I'd try to update. I believe/hope an update would cure connectivity issues I have, my VPS module is dead, have ordered a...
  3. S

    2 seconds RAW interval P4 Advanced

    does anyone know if 2 seconds interval RAW shooting, is something that will be available in future updates of the Phantom4 advanced?
  4. roovair

    Do not give up when is something wrong with your Phantom 4 before and after 0.700 update!

    It took me about 3/4 weeks to solve almost every problem about "firmware update" but now i can say it`s possible and if you have enough motivation and patience, don`t give up and don`t ask DJI support for help until you`ve done everything you can! Now my only one prob is some graphics issue on...
  5. M

    Drone Beeps and can't connect to controller

    1.5 year old P4, was installing firmware and it crashed before it ended. Now P4 beeps and won't connect to controller or DJI Go app. DJI told me to reinstall firmware. Have followed video instructions to the T with no luck. Have used iMac, PC, Android phone and ipad with DJI Go app. Have also...
  6. R

    RC Lost after Firmware Update

    I received a message that the RC signal was lost after I updated the firmware. After trying hours of trying to find a solution on line and talking to DJI I was very frustrated. Scanning some Youtube articles I found one on resetting the RC Link. I tried this and it worked! There is a reset...
  7. Kkangas

    Help with the newest firmware update!

    So I haven't flown my P4P in a while but I wanted to check that it was up to date before I go up north tomorrow. I ran the latest update. The current versions are: Drone Firmware 01.04.0602 RC DJIGo app 4.1.0 It's giving me a load of trouble about No Fly Zones and won't let me...
  8. M

    Crash after Firmware update while using Autopilot

    I've had an unfortunate experience today following a firmware update. For a few days I've seen the DJI message regarding an update "next week". Today, upon starting up my phantom 4 pro the system stated a firmware update was required, which I proceed to do. After the update was complete I was...
  9. Henrik Olsen

    Will DJI end the world as we know it with their latest Firmware?

    Here are my thoughts on this!
  10. U

    P3 Firmware Replacement P3P aircraft - firmware updates?

    Long story but previous P3P now residing at the bottom of the river Thames. Finally received my "aircraft only" P3P replacement and want to get going. I remember from starting up before that getting the correct update off the website and into your aircraft is very important and getting the RC...
  11. G

    How Do I Physically Update Firmware on Phantom 4 Pro?

    I just got my Phantom 4 Pro--a forced upgrade after my Phantom 3 crashed due to a battery issue. Anyway, I am trying to figure out how to update firmware on quadcopter and controller. When I start up the DJI Go app and the Phantom, the screen calls for a firmware update. Also, they show...
  12. nole1988

    Video turns off after 2 seconds

    I recently bought the Phantom 4 Pro. I have about 4 hours of flight time recorded so I am still a learning the device. I have flew 3 hours with great long videos. I am diligent about removing the videos from the SD card after each flight so the next flight has a clean and clear SD card. After...
  13. S

    Phantom 4 Pro & Plus owners... there is a new firmware upgrade!

    The new version drone is 82MB. Get to updating! Fly often. Stay safe. I know this fix addresses some of the issues being discussed on this form, and on DJI's forum.
  14. wawakool

    Phantom 3 Pro Firmware v1.10.90 update Successful tips Shared !!!

    Hello friends. I had update my phantom 3 pro with the latest firmware and i wanted to share with you how i do it. Little issue observed and how i correct it after reading many things on internet. 1. classic stuff. Download the firmware, format micro sd card (fat32) and copy the bin file on...
  15. C

    P3 pro controller won't update

    HELP HELP HELP I just bought a p3 pro can . I managed to update the aircraft but the controller won't update. I have tried all usb methods and connecting to aircraft no luck.... I have read somewhere that it needs to be done via the add/phone . How is this done Please help
  16. L

    Just got my P4, Update CRASH

    Just got a new Phantom 4 and updating the software before my first flight. Update stuck at 99% for about 45 minutes? What is next? I had to disconnect and power down, now what?
  17. DroneTone

    Firmware Version 01.09.0060

    Just noticed a new Firmware Version 01.09.0060 is posted on the DJI Site. Any comments/problems with this yet? From the Release Notes: Overview: All-in-One firmware version updated to v1.9.60. DJI GO app iOS version updated to v2.8.3. DJI GO app Android version updated to v2.8.1. What’s...
  18. wlkngmachine

    should I update from 1.7.0060?

    Right now I'm on P3P 1.7.0060 and DJI GO v2.7.1. Not really sure how to figure out what my RC is but I updated it when I updated to AC1.7.......I usually go with the updates no problem, but I've been hearing a lot of questionable things about 1.8. Should I upgrade? Is 1.8.80 good to go with iOS...
  19. T

    What firmware update is best? And problems with using follow me mode??

    Hi guys, Im pretty new to this site as well as the P34K. I got my drone a few weeks ago. Since then I've be trying to familarise myself with the intelligent modes. Most of them work but when I try use follow me, I get an alert saying I need to update the firmware of my aircraft. From the app...
  20. Phil Tuggle

    L-O-N-G Time Since Last Updates - Now What?

    Due to unavoidable absence from the scene, It has been a long, long time since I have flown or updated my P3 Advanced. The last update i did was by downloading the Android apk from DJI and using manual SD methods for the Go App, and card insertion for the aircraft and controller. Obviously, ALL...