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Discussion in 'FPV (First Person View)' started by jondrew, May 4, 2014.

  1. jondrew

    Jan 22, 2014
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    When I first started getting set up for FPV I ordered a pair of FS goggles from Hobby King. My confirmation email said I would have them within 45 days! I was livid as I thought they were being shipped from a US warehouse and I'd have them within a week to 10-days. No, they pretty much hit the 45. In the mean time I had bought a Diversity 5802 monitor which I set up with a DVR and have been generally satisfied. I either put it on a tripod or used a monitor mount which was a bit flimsy. With the antennas, DVR and batteries all velcroed on there it was pretty wobbly.

    Yesterday I got my FSs and I did a quick flight which was ok, but due to stormy weather had to be cut short. This morning I got a couple of other flights in and thought I'd share my observations so far.

    The goggles are reasonably comfortable and fit my head fairly well. I was concerned about the IPD (Inter pupillary distance) because I my eyes are on the short side which has always given me trouble with binoculars. I adapted to the FSs pretty quickly, and the "double vision" I first experienced got less and less noticeable as I went along.

    I've been flying out of my back yard over a green zone behind my house, so there are lots of trees and other obstacles, not to mention a large retention pond I want to avoid. So I take off without the goggles on and get over the tree heights before I put them back on. I've done a bit of below tree flying on the banks of the retention pond, but am not comfortable mainly because there is so little depth perception with the goggles.

    I can't really comment on the image because I realized after I got them there is not diopter adjustment and the diopter kit is optional. Fortunately, my LHS has them in stock, and I'll pick them up this week. My general impression is that the image quality is no better or worse than the Diversity monitor since I think they are running about the same resolution.

    I've gotten slightly disoriented with the goggles on, but recovered quickly (by disoriented I mean a touch of vertigo). While I was flying at max range (about 1600m with my Immersion Patch Antenna). I lost video for about 30 seconds. When I got it back, I turned back towards my house and started flying. Then I realized I was not actually headed home when I noticed the IOSD diamond was not centered in the display. I quickly yawed until I re-acquired it and then headed home (the P2 was actually in FS/Ghome mode anyway at that point). I've flown further than this before (out to 2km) but I think this time I was close to the treelike in my line-of-sight. I'll go a bit higher next time.

    Its pretty sunny here today, but the temp was not quite 80 deg and low humidity. I'm anticipating when the florida 90's and 99% humidity comes back I'll start experiencing lens fogging. But none of that today.

    All in all, I think I like it. I don't like being "shut out" and not being able to see around me. But I think once I get the diopters squared away it will be a better experience. Its also much easier to point the patch antenna using my head as opposed to when I had the monitor mounted on the tripod.

    I'll update when I get the diopters and have some more stick time. But that may not be for a week or two due to other stuff interfering with my hobby time.
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