Jul 13, 2016
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San Lorenzo, CA
I am considering going to Netanya in 2 weeks for a pro surfing competition. Does anyone know what the regulations are for filming surfers in the ocean with a drone? I have a feeling they will be unbelievably strict and limiting, and understandably so. Thank you.
I'm keen to know this too.

I've just spent the last two weeks contacting various agencies and outlets in Israel trying to determine to legal/correct procedures to bring a Mavic in and to fly as a tourist.

In a nutshell from what I've gathered (someone please correct me if I'm wrong):

1. Customs will confiscate drones upon entry unless there is written permission granted by the Ministry of Communications ([email protected]) detailing the type of drone, specifications, passport number, traveller details etc.

2. A license must be obtained from the model aero club of Israel ([email protected]) for 450NIS in order to legally fly which includes license and third party insurance for a year.
Is this the latest and greatest regulations for bringing a drone? I have a trip in a week and at this point looks like it won’t make the trip with me.
More on what I found that Jives with above....

Drone Laws in Israel | UAV Coach (2018)

  • You will need to get 2 permits: one from CAAI and the second from the ministry of communication. Learn more about permit requirements in this document issued by the CAAI.
  • In addition, you will be asked to attach a declaration stating that you plan to use your drone only for recreational purposes, and not for commercial purposes. You can find that form here on the CAAI website.
  • You will need to contact the ministry of communication directly in order to receive the permit from them. If you have difficulty with this you can seek help from the Israeli club for model airplanes.
  • If you’d like to fly your drone in Israel for commercial photography / videography, you can learn about that process in this document created by the CAAI.
If you’d like to contact CAAI directly before you travel with any questions you might have, here is their contact information: [email protected] / +972 3 977 4555
Just came back from Israel. Decided not to take the drone because of the conflicting information. I spoke to Customs agents there and asked them the policy. They would have seized my drone no questions asked.

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