1. N

    EPIC P4 surfing footage

  2. See Norway

    SeeNorway - CLOUD Surfing nice waves over snowy grounds

    Hi good folks :) I just finished editing my cloud surfing video. This was a day that suddenly turned bad but ended in an awesome experience. Please enjoy and fly safe :) Youtube channel SeeNorway: SeeNorway
  3. K

    Swimming'wit da fishes

  4. H

    Surfing Filming with A Drone

    Here is a tutorial video I have made after spending 2 months filming surfing in Portugal. Let me know what you think. I hope it inspires some of you to have a go as its great fun.
  5. P

    Video of the 90 Mile Beach in Australia

    Feel free to give me some feedback on my video Thankyou!
  6. I

    Short P4 Sunset and Surf

    This was my first time trying to capture surfing, it was kind of challenging to get good composition with all the movement going on, thus the very short surfing footage.
  7. Michael Thompson

    Drone Regs in Israel

    I am considering going to Netanya in 2 weeks for a pro surfing competition. Does anyone know what the regulations are for filming surfers in the ocean with a drone? I have a feeling they will be unbelievably strict and limiting, and understandably so. Thank you.
  8. N

    Huntington Beach/Surfing Drone Footage (PHANTOM 4)

  9. N

    Huntington Beach/Surfing Drone Footage (PHANTOM 4)

  10. tml4191


  11. A

    Epic footage in Durban, South Africa

  12. h8tow8

    P4 filming Surfing at The Wedge, Newport Beach

    So every Summer we get good swell moving through SoCal, Newport Beach and one place in particular is awesome for filming surfing, The Wedge. Took my little Phantom 4 down there along with my GH4 and made this video.
  13. Billzness Adventures

    JetSurf in Greece with Dji phantom

    Hello Check my new video, If you like please subscribe to my Youtube channel
  14. 3rdMcCorm

    Scripps Pier La jolla Shores Quick Edit

    Footage from La Jolla Shores, CA shot with P3P. This is my second video made and would appreciate any feedback. Fly safe!
  15. gmanquad

    Adventures on the Big Island of Hawaii (including snow!)

    Whales, dolphins, Hawaii's first spacenet, surfing, mtbiking, slacklining, paddling, waterfalls, you name it. Even some snow for those of you currently feeling the chill! My latest video captures our adventures on the Big Island of Hawaii. You don't need to be on facebook to view the video...
  16. rudolf samuel

    Bingin Surfing

    First try on surfing :D