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May 17, 2022
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Good evening and sorry if this topic has appeared here again. First of all, I know that there are different regulations from country to country and you have to register the drone.

We start from Europe a world trip and fly first to Brazil , peru and possibly to america
I would like to know what your experiences are regarding a drone. We would not like to buy the mini 3 pro but the Air2s. In Brazil and Usa it is only about the pure import of the drone , since we will spend only a few days there. Can you tell me from experience how strict the controls are in the airport and could you be confiscated drone because you have not regestriert this for example?
For certain countries, it's just a matter of being able to take the drone with you.
Thanks :)
I fly regularly within the US with a much larger Phantom 4p that I carry on and I'm never questioned, the TSA is used to seeing drones. I just bought an Air2s for the travel jobs. I don't know if US customs has any different rules.
I flew roundtrip from the U.S. to the Philippines with a stop-over in Hong Kong. I have a P4A that I carried onboard with me along with the batteries which I have placed in LiPo battery bags. No problem. Note: Make sure you carry the drone onboard with you. You DO NOT want to give them the chance to lose your Drone with your luggage.
And even you won't have the drone as a personal luggage the batts must be with you because of the potential threath of fire.otherwise the drone is treated as other things you have with. The regulations are for flying, not for carrying around.
Yes, sometimes it can be a nightmare if you plan to bring a drone into certain countries. In countries such as South Korea or Nigeria, you can be jailed if you try to bring in a drone. So before you travel, I advise you to double check if you can bring a drone, especially if you are traveling from one country to another by car or bus. To make this task easier, I'll share here a link to a service I usually use when I need to find out various details about a country I'm planning to visit. Always keep in mind that drone photography may be limited in some places.
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Yes, sometimes it will be a nightmare if you are planning to bring the drone to some countries. In countries like South Korea or Nigeria, they can put you in jail if you will try to bring a drone.
South Korea? Did you mean North Korea?
I wanna take my drone on a trip to Europe and capture some nice shots of the historic parts of the town. But I'm not sure if it's allowed. Can you spread some light on it?
Across Europe, regulations are generally the same. Special regulations for the country you are going to visit can be obtained on the site.

Usually at historical buildings or in nature parks you can see the sign "No drone". Probably, the sign "No photo" means the same.
Sounds like an exciting adventure you're planning! Taking a drone on a world trip is a cool idea, but I'm more of a local flier myself. I'd be way too nervous about my drone taking an unexpected dip in the ocean or getting lost somewhere!Speaking of trips, this summer, I'm actually planning to go to Los Altos Resort. Can't wait to relax and unwind there. As for your drone travels, it's true that regulations vary a lot from country to country. Registering your drone and checking the specific rules for each destination is a smart move to avoid any hiccups at the airport.
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