P3 Firmware Downgrade P3A from Version 1.9.3 ?

Oct 22, 2019
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Huntington Beach Ca
Hi all. Newbie here. Ive had my P3A for several years but didn't use it for over a Year. after turning it on for the first time It prompted me to upgrade both software versions in the AR and RC. Ever since the RC upgrade it comes up with the 'Radio Channel Quality Poor" fault . The drone flies but video is choppy ETC ETC. I know after checking on here that this is a common issue and I feel like a complete dummy for even upgrading now. Everyone seems to say just plug into DJI.com and hold the upper left corner but it does NOT allow you to do this. I think since you get to the final sofware version it won't allow you to go back.
Does anyone have any advise. Ive contacted DJI multiple times and there like..Oh never heard that before and sent us the controller etc. I have a MAXX UAV extender on it which i would have to take off i guess as they would say its modified etc
If anyone has any advise I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you all in advance

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