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Mar 17, 2015
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Hi Guys,

Does anyone know what "Live Stream" out of the DJI Pilot application is all about? (How does that work?)


Regs Chris
Basically you can live stream your drones camera feed as you fly to YouTube and a few other platforms. You can use your mobile data or if you are connected to wifi
Without knowing full details, it seems like it operates somewhat similar (in spirit) to an app called Shou ("show"). With Shou, you can record the screen from your iOS or Android device, and broadcast it online. Your subsequent screencasts are then saved.

For instance: (The site is rather difficult to navigate. Click the handle on the top left to get the 'Videos' link, which takes you to his most recent one. Then browse the list of videos with the handle on the top-right. I recommend the ones from late March/early April).
This is also good for those who want to see the Pilot app in action.

Anyway, with this YouTube integration, it would seem that it simply pushes your LightBridge preview video (with telemetry overlay? Who knows) to YouTube. Obviously, you'll need internet access from your device (perhaps wifi will work if you're in range, since it won't use your WiFi for the Phantom?)
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ok thxs guys,

I assume there would delays in this live stream?

I would like to send the DJI pilot display to a second device.... could this be a way to do it?
Sure, there are always delays when dealing with the internet. Shou is about 15 - 20 seconds, depending on your connection and the alignment of the planets.

Of course, Shou is in Hong Kong, and is not YouTube, so I would have to imagine that the latency will be much less with this upcoming feature.

That might be your only way to send the display to a second device, seeing as the LightBridge in the transmitter only has a USB port (still curious if we'll see successful hacks in drilling out a hole and installing an HDMI connector to the circuit board, or if they'll make a completely new LB)
Yeah tahoe Ed and blade already said there would be an adaptor, probably a USB to mhl USB splitter of somesorts?
I may have good news here

I have the epson BT - 200's FPV goggles.

Tonight i got a new samsung galaxy tab s 10.5"

I installed both DJI's A1 and PH 2 v+ apps on the TAB S and then started the screen mirroring on the TAB S and the wifi miracast app on BT-200's....

Presto!... live view from the screen from the TAB S... on the Epson BT-200 Goggles.

Flew the PH 2 V+ @ 640x480 30 frames fine.

And now have access to google maps and the ground station functions which i didnt have using the BT-200 on their own.

BTW... the screen on the TAB S is fantastic... clear and bright in full daylight!

Regs Chris
Streaming to Periscope the new Twitter live video service would be great. It alerts your followers when you are sharing video, seems to be gaining ground with a few photographers I follow on Twitter.

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