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DJI GO and Standard

Discussion in 'Standard' started by apDafydd, May 28, 2016.

  1. apDafydd

    May 6, 2016
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    Newbie here, and like everyone else, sad that DJI provide GO with zero useful documentation. So many cryptic icons, displays, and buttons, with lots of menus three or four branchings deep.

    Two problems bothering me enough to ask this forum for help.

    First, is there any way to save photo and video settings as defaults? As best I can tell, everything goes back to factory defaults every time the holy trinity of bird, controller, and tablet is broken. Turn any one off and everything resets.

    Second, what is the real meaning of the altitude number displayed with the oh-so-cute person and compass pointer icon, at the extreme right of the bottom-of-the-screen status bar? Sitting on the ground, with 8+ satellites providing strong signals, it reports wacko altitudes off by hundreds of feet, including some negative values. Since the other altitude number (on the left) appears to reflect height above home point, I assumed the flaky right-hand number was the GPS or barometric value. If so, something doesn't compute.

    Thanks in advance for sharing your hard-won wisdom.
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