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Mar 31, 2015
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I have a MacPro Quad Core but I can only find windows software on the dji site. Millions of us have Macs - what do they do. I have a new Phantom1 with 2200mAh battery {which I assume will only run for about 10-12 mins?} Should I buy another one if I want to play for more time?
There is no DJI driver for Macs. It's not needed.
I'm using the Phantom Advanced Manual as a guide, but the USB cable that came with the unit only has a plug that is small, thin and tapered at one side. Nothing else that came with the unit, on or off the craft will plug into it.
The cable that came with mine has a gray adapter with a mini USB on one end, but the black cable with USB on both ends is all you need for connecting to the Phantom. The USB on the Phantom is tucked away in the left side of the battery compartment.
On my Phantom1, I actually found a normal size USB connector inside the battery compartment and I went back to the directions in the manual. It told me to turn on the controller, which I did, connect the USB then power on the Phantom system. Nothing about connecting the battery. What do they mean by system. There is no power switch on the craft that I could find.
Power the Phantom by plugging in the battery. Take the props off first just in case you accidentally start the motors.
For the P1, you should have what looks like a USB extension cable.

It is possible to also use a cable with a micro-USB plug, but you need to remove the lid of the Phantom to do this.
I finally got all the software/firmware up to date but am afraid to go out on my own to try my Phantom1 for the first time. Is there someone out there who lives in the WeHo/BevHills area who could help me get it up and running?

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