DJI ain't the only one with firmware issues.

Software is complex and enables complexity within systems, if you leave out (or cut down on) the testing phase (which is usually at the end of a project for time/money) then you get systems that are too complex to fix. Rushing out 'fixes' usually compounds the situation.

I love my Phantom, but I will not upgrade the firmware 'just because' - it's asking for trouble.

Think about it, would you fly in a fullsize helicopter that was written by DJI :0 ?

If you don't update the firmware & your Phantom happens to fly away, I guess you will be pooched...
The newest firmware just may help save your $K...

But that's your call. Best of luck.

I wish I was smart enough to think this up.

"One wonders why we as an industry continue to flail around with poor practices that are ultimately expensive and even deadly, when there is a body of knowledge that is provably effective."
Jack Ganssle

I am smart enough to understand and agree though. I wonder how far ahead DJI would be right now, if the P2 wasn't falling out of the sky every single day.

Great read morph000, thanks for sharing. ;)

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