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  1. captain kush

    Jul 5, 2016
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    I live in washington state and for the last 3 weekends I have been running over to the coast to fly on the beach.
    I purchased the charger that does 3 batteries at one time. It works well, but when I have flown my 3 batteries and would like to continue flying I needed an affordable solution to recharge in the field so to speak. Yesterday I hooked the 3 battery charger up to a 300 watt inverter that plugs into a car cigarette lighter plug. It would only keep charging 2 batteries at a time and after a short while the inverter had an overheat alarm that went off, i held the inverter in front of the airconditioner vent in the car and the alarm went off.Did some slow driving along the coast for an hour and 25 minutes and had 2 batteries charged to 100%. Last week I hooked the charger up to my emergency auto jump pack, I keep in the car ,it has jumper cables attached as well as an tire pump and it also switches to 110 volts and has a couple usb ports for charging phones etc. , It also would only keep 2 batteries charging and after charging those 2 up to 100% it showed 45% of the jump pack battery was still left.That 45% was not enough to charge a third battery. While I will probably add 2 more batteries to my arsenal in the near future, I was just wondering if anybody else had some good ideas for charging in the field.
    Next I would like to address what happened with my P4 after I installed a gimbal-guard gimbal protector.
    I installed the bottom one shaped like a tube a little bigger than a pencil, I also purchased the one for the back of the landing gear but did not install because I did not want to take time cut the foam in my pack to make it fit. So i launched in the back yard and took it up 100 ft flew across the power lines and buzzed back and forth along the shore of puget sound, the flew back up over the power lines and had it hovering about 50 feet above my yard, battery was getting below 50% so I brought it down to land and as I was descending it kind of flew a little horizontal towards me and was acting weird. I landed it powered down put in another battery, I had it sitting on a card table and I did an auto takeoff as soon as it hit about 3 feet above the table it did a horizontal move towards my head as it was still climbing it went right over my head and into the eaves of my covered porch then it went promptly upside down to the ground and cut grass untill I could get it powered down. I recalibrated IMUs and compass and flew all day yesterday at the beach with no problems without the gimbal guard. I think it moved when I was descending and caused the vps to go berzerk. Any thoughts?
    captain kush
  2. John Locke

    Jun 26, 2015
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    Yorba Linda, CA
    Gimbal guards are known to cause problems with P4 VPS, but not the kind you describe. Your story is spooky. You should search on P4 Gimbal Guard to see all of the reports. Never use a gimbal guard on P4. Do you have a photo of the setup with gimbal guard installed?

    As for the batteries, I suggest you use the DJI car charger. It's intended to charge one battery from your car. You can jury-rig a multi port cigarette lighter directly off the battery to alleviate the need to turn on the ignition to activate the port in the car (typical with newer cars). If you want to go CHEAP, buy several of these chargers. They have worked OK for me.

    Using a DC charger, that converts 12VDC to 17VDC power, is more efficient than using an inverter that converts 12VDC to 110VAC, and then using the DJI charger that converts 110VAC to 17VDC. Also, given the square wave of most inverters, this can sometimes overheat AC to DC chargers that expect a sign wave for AC power.
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