diagnostic help - only flashing red (or maybe yellow)

Apr 6, 2015
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Hi, Recently had a crash with the FC40. Wasn't too bad but it wasn't flying. Opened it up to find that the power cable had came separated from the motherboard. I had to unplug one of the wires from the naza controll board that was attached to the top of the drone so I had more room. Superglued the power cable back in and plugged the wire back into the motherboard and I was stoked to find it worked!

I have flown it and it seems to work fine but it only blinks red...green right at the start then only red..I think it's red although in discussing there may be a little yellow tinge to it...so not sure if it is yellow or red..actually maybe orange. I'm in Austria so maybe a GPS problem but we have wifi and it's a popular place, so it should have gps.

I flew it and it seems to fly fine, but when switching the S1 to return home, it just immediately descends to land. Any thoughts or advice on this? Luckily it works well enough to use for my purposes but I'm very afraid to fly it at any great distance where I loose orientation. I have it modified to fly a go pro so no FPV.

Just thought I'd ask to see if maybe something I could check. Thought that maybe I might have plugged the motherboard wire into the wrong port possibly?....batteries are all charged.

Oh and I try to calibrate by switching the S1/S2 switches up and down rapidly 10+ times and nothing happens. I've calibrated before, so it seems it is not reading this calibration command...but again, seems to fly as usual.
Sep 12, 2014
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Where the deer and the antelope play
You're funny. :confused:

Open the Phantom back up and plug the GPS back into the NAZA module.
Strongly consider replacing the super glue with solder, before your bird falls out of the sky. :eek:
Do you have a friend who knows how to solder?

"I flew it and it seems to fly fine, but when switching the S1 to return home, it just immediately descends to land."
When you are finished fixing the power connection, plug in to the NAZA assistant and go here:

and when there, select "Go-Home and Landing" if you want it to return to the home point.

I would strongly suggest you check all settings while you are in the NAZA assistant, and
do an advanced IMU calibration.
Ignore the warning about the MC being too warm, just do it again.
Do not stop trying to do the calibration until you get a green check mark. :D

There is a great feature called "Home Lock" which you should learn more about.
For me, my S1 switch is switched down and I pull the right control stick all the way back. My bird will fly directly back to where I started. You must know that if you hold the controls in the exact same position for 20 seconds, the bird will go into "Failsafe", meaning it will land or go-home and land.

Do a bit more reading, it will help a lot. :)

This will help you find information in our forum. It is Google Custom Search.
Type in the middle of the page, not at the top.

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