Degrees and drones for inspections

Jan 12, 2019
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Do you need a degree for people to take you seriously for inspecting crops and rooftops with drone deploy and a p4p?

I didn’t want to pour a bunch of money into the software I need if I have to be a licensed land surveyor.

Thanks in advance.
Crop inspection is not land surveying, so there would be no need to be a PLS. As far as needing a degree, you don't have to have one to fly a multi-spectral camera drone, or to do rooftop inspections. You might need, depending on your state and local laws and what deliverable you are selling, to be employed by or sponsored by a degree required professional firm. What you will need is the appropriate software to do the processing, and a LOT of knowledge about how to make your deliverable something that is useful to your customer. There are no shortcuts to learning an industry and its needs. Just like learning to be a good pilot, learning the industry takes time and research, and no small amount of investment dollars if you want to turn out good products for your customers. After you know what it is you need and how to make it happen, then you need to pound the pavement (literally and figuratively) to get a client base that wants what you're offering. There are several companies out there that will hire pilots in given area to go fly for them. Doing that first might be what you need to learn the ropes before investing a large amount of money in anything other than your drone and part 107 certificate.

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