Dead WiFi Battery

Mar 18, 2015
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Escondido, CA, USA
Hey Friends,
I am a fairly new flyer and went out for some practice time after work today. Unfortunately my WiFi extender must have been left on and the battery was dead. Now if I'm reading this post my first thought is "it sucks to be you". You're right and it did. Packed up and went home to recharge. This has presented a question for this very helpful forum. Can I recharge the extender using a 12v automotive plug with USB input? If so, how long might it take to fully charge. Also, I have been told that micro connectors are all the same. If it fits it will work. I'm asking this because I have a 12v charger for my phone and the end matches the phantom end, ok to use?
Thanks, Norm
That's fine.
I carry a 10400 xiomi battery bank in the case that I forget to turn off the wifi module. You can fly with it attached.

Any android miro usb car charger would work fine. Just remember, the higher the amp, the quicker it charges but you may lower battery lifespan. I would recommend 1.0A charger.

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