Looks fantastic!! Is this mainly raw footage or did you edit colors in final production?
Heard something about batteries being an issue, we scuba drive there a lot. Great video

The large (TB48) batteries are limited to 2 in carry on and one in the bird in cargo by TSA rules. The smaller batteries (TB47's) are unlimited I carry on.

No issues for me. Brought 2 TB47's and 5 TB47's. All good.
Did some more editing in Premiere Pro, based on feedback from the Digital Director forum and my own nits:

Change log:
- Fixed a title issue on opening scene
- Used Warp Stabilizer on final scene for a smooooth motion flight over the lighthouse at the end
- Addressed Digital Director forum feedback about the "Rule of 180" and using neutral transition scenes to alternate 180 scenes
- Changed pirate ship scene from three clips to two, the second one now does a 10X speed-up to the look-down on the ship vs the cut
- Replaced an ocean scene with a flyover of a roadside bar/hut/beach. Had enough ocean and the hut was cool and very Cozumel-y.
- FIxed a lighthouse clip that ended in a sudden camera "stop". It now has camera motion through the end of the clip.


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