Hey Travis,

Just got my Phantom 3 as well, let me know what you think. Just another source, Total Control Innovations has plenty in stock if any one is looking.
Sounds good. They say on their website that any order received and processed before a certain time, I think 3pmEST, will ship that same day. So I'm hoping to get a tracking number today. My payment status says "paid". Very pleased so far. I've been chatting with them a little on facebook messenger too. More to come....
Thanks Travis I just cancel with 1uas and order from there. They just called asking to verify address. I paid for 2 day shipping..
I just ordered a Pro through Coptershop. Will have it early next week. Canceled my Amazon order that I placed on 4/9. I got an expected delivery date from Amazon of June 6th - june29th! Not sure how amazon is selling any of these with those expected delivery dates.
Ordered a P3A this morning at Coptershop. The wait game started.

Ordered at 10.40 Eastern, just ( 15.35) got the email that it is shipped.
Great !!!!!!!

Thank you Coptershop!
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