Cool little drone but Phantom 3 is better

Aug 29, 2014
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Just thought I would share this. I still think my Phantom 3 is superior, except for the waterproof function. But, kind of cool to see what's coming out...
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That's pretty cool... wonder how it would hold up if it fell into head high surf.
And if you forget to charge the battery and toss her in the air? Silly lilly?
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that's really cool. wish the p3 can do that... or least have follow me mode out of the box. i wonder when drones will incorporate obstacle avoidance. i can see this drone crash into a tree trying to film an action shot. i guess in the meantime, you have to survey the area first.
That is the biggest issue I see... when would you be able to use the Follow Me mode and not need to worry about the drone running into something. The video looks great but 1) I'm betting they scouted the entire area and made sure is was clear and 2) how many UAV's ran into something in order to get the video they did.

Another issue is waiting for it to charge after use or it becomes a 1 use UAV. Most of the time it would not be practical to wait an hour and start filming again.

Also, it appears that the Lily automatically changes height. This would _have_ to be included for Follow Me to be of any use.

Yeah, something on open water would be good and I can see where the Lilly would shine there. I want to use Follow Me on my P2v but I'm having a hard time finding a location.

The Phantom is a different type of product for slightly different type of use. Good to have several different products on the market.
And if you forget to charge the battery and toss her in the air? Silly lilly?
I just read the FAQ on their website.
It's only ready to be tossed if the eyes are blue.
Preorder price $499. Regular price $999
No Gimbal (but uses digital gimbal it says . . . sounds fishy)
Battery is internal and cannot be removed. Takes 2 hours to charge. 20 min. flying time.
Not ready for 'prime time'.
Neat concept. I was thinking how cool is that. But the battery not being removable. Charge time.. ect, no not ready for prime time. and regular price of 999, if true, why? phantom has so many more feature at the same price point for the advanced. I've gotten to the point, I'm not buying first run anything anymore. Why I won't get on the iwatch bandwagon
I think they've hit a societal roadblock. Looking at your watch all the time is universally seen as rude, where as pulling out your phone for a second seems "understandable". Maybe the iWatch will change that, but in most of the reviews I've seen this is a pretty massive deterrent to using the iWatch to the full potential.... time will tell!

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