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CARBON FIBER products block SIGNAL STRENGTH? Fly aways?..

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Discussion' started by flyingtim, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. flyingtim

    Sep 2, 2014
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    Here is all info I've found about using the Carbon Fiber products on the Quads.
    Also checking if the signal is bothered by mixing RF, Wifi, WiMax, Cell towers, etc.. together.
    Trying to get better idea on why 'Fly Aways' have been occurring for many people.

    Truly recommend a GPS Tracker on the Quads.


    Someone asked about using fiberglass instead of the more expensive carbon fiber.
    I found this comparison article: http://gwcomposites.com/carbon-vs-fiberglass/

    Of course any hard land with 'shock' the system into damage.
    But, for those gentler landings over a small stump, branch, bottle, rock... either would be fine is my guess. Or any other non-ferrous metal or plastic that does not break easily.
    Weight will be close. Carbon fiber might be lighter because its strength lets a person use a thinner piece.

    HOWEVER, concerning Carbon Fiber:

    INTERESTING : "Carbon fiber also blocks radio signals while kevlar and fiberglass do not."
    pros cons :

    Interesting video showing what a carbon fiber cellphone case does to signal:

    Does anyone know these frequencies:
    1. The controller
    2. The cellphone wifi
    3. The cellphone towers 4G
    4. The cellphone when just using towers for calls.
    5. The V2+ signals for controller/wifi

    I'm trying to research out if any signals can conflict with the others. Also if things like the added carbonfiber can be affected by any, or any combinations. (and if this is causing fly aways)

    found this:
    WiMax can interfere with Wifi http://www.evdoforums.com/thread13212.html and http://computer.howstuffworks.com/wimax.htm

    Chat started on 09 Sep 2014, 09:03 PM (GMT+0)
    (09:03:42) *** Tim joined the chat ***
    (09:03:42) Tim: Hello
    (09:04:24) Tim: Are you familiar with the different signals the V2+ and the controller are using? The hertz etc...
    (09:04:50) Customer Service: We apologize for keeping you waiting. Our operators are busy at the moment, please leave us a message with your email address and we'll get back to you shortly.
    (09:05:50) *** Serina joined the chat ***
    (09:06:24) Serina: The phantom 2 vision plus comes with a 5.8Ghz remote control.
    (09:06:31) Serina: The reason why the phantom 2 vision plus comes with a 5.8Ghz remote is that the phantom 2 vision plus has a built-in 2.4Ghz wifi for video transferring.
    (09:07:07) Tim: OK. Do cellphones all run on 2.4ghz?
    (09:07:43) Serina: Yes
    (09:08:39) Tim: Should 4G or 3G be turned off when using the V2+? Also should all tower frequencies be turned off when using phone with the quad?
    (09:10:39) Serina: Agent uploaded: https://v2uploads.zopim.io/2/E/0/2E0FBs ... .thumb.jpg
    (09:13:02) Tim: Thank you. That helps some.
    (09:13:31) Tim: If the compass goes wacky, will the GPS take over and bring it back correctly?
    (09:14:29) Serina: You are recommended to calibrate the compass before fly at each time.
    (09:15:45) Tim: Yes. True. But if there was something unknown that throws off the Wifi and Controller signals, or confuses the compass, .. will the V2+ bring itself home using only GPS?
    (09:21:31) Serina: If the drone lose control, it will go home when it get more than 5 staellites.
    (09:22:34) Tim: OK. Very good. I have been researching why people are having 'fly aways' where they completely lose control and then lose the Quad.
    (09:22:42) Tim: Do you have any other insights you can share?
    (09:24:32) Serina: You are recommended to read the user manual before use it.
    (09:24:36) Serina: http://www.dji.com/product/phantom-2-vi ... s/download
    (09:24:55) Tim: thank you. Yes I have that. Thank you for your help again Serina :)
    (09:25:18) Serina: You're welcome! Have a great day!
    (09:26:17) *** Tim left the chat ***

    Links for me :
    http://bradsfavorite.com/avoid-interfer ... ss-phones/
    http://www.aowireless.com/blog/bid/3599 ... r-Wireless
    not cool http://crab-oo.wordpress.com/2010/02/11 ... own-a-****
    http://www.gps.gov/spectrum/jamming/ gps jamming illegal in USA
    RF jamming is illegal
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