Can't find Official DJI ND8 Filter for DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2.0...Checked All Forum Ref's & Websites

Jun 11, 2022
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Struck out at B&H, Adorama... the main DJI website has the ND8 filter I want. But when I try to order it I get the message, " cannot be ordered from your country or region"! I guess Illinois is now an embargoed country. The filters that I have found get bad reviews like, "Too heavy for gimbal". Here is every DJI online distributor..No Joy! DJI - Official Website...
The only filters I could find for V2.0 was a Chinese brand with delivery in late July with no guarantee they will fit or be too heavy.

B&H has a 'variable' set for ND2-ND400...Not taking a chance.

Just saw some great YouTubes recommending the education from a pro:

Please provide your address and let me know when you will be out of town...I will wear rubber won't even know I was there...until you shoot some video on a bright sunny day!

I will try to contact DJI Monday by phone as to why they think Illinois is Iran. Other than that, can you recommend some stone I have not turned over...besides holding my hand and telling me I'll be ok...

Frustrated in Illinois
DJI are selling the ND8 here in Australia and there are other brand options selling locally. Maybe you're being too cautious? I'd be sceptical about those 'too heavy for gimbal' claims.

My footage is often shot low, with the drone fast-moving - so if anyone would need an ND filter it should be me. But I've found that I prefer the crisper video that you get without them. The guy in the review that you posted presents a compelling case with the grass. And I agree, in that situation, flying a metre above a grassy field, the grass looks better blurred. But in most cases we're flying much higher than a metre, and above objects that we actually want to see with clarity. And anyway, if you tend to fly high - as most pilots seem to do, you'd be hard-pressed detecting any difference between filtered and unfiltered footage.
Oh, and ND filters increase lens flare - reducing your usable footage. That said, I bought a cheap set (for trying out)... the more expensive filters may not be as bad.
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Give a ring to these folks, Madison Area Drone Service (Wisconsin). I didn't see your filters listed on their store site, but the company has been good to work with, very responsive. I'll bet they can get them for you or let you know whats going on.

I needed filters for my M2Z for a specific job, and they got them to me in a week. They were Freewells, and I use Polar Pro on the P4Pv2
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I probably have several of what you hunt. To help with your frustrations, I would only require an address to solve this dilemma. Unfortunately, I’m just on my way out of town for about two weeks and won’t be able to contend with this until I’m back at the ranch.
Let me know if this works!
Contact DJI support. They will ship it to you. I had trouble finding original DJI UV filter for my phantom 4 pro. Reached out to them. They sent me an invoice. The part was $1. Shipping was $8.
Polarpro are about as good as it gets for Optical glass quality and know a bit more than DJI when it comes to making Neutral Density Filters. Imho ofcourse.
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I bought a set of Nisi filters. There are 6 in the package, including the #8. What's nice about the Nisi filters, they are push on, no need to screw or unscrew anything. Also very high quality. You can find them on Ebay brand new and shipped from Germany.


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Check they have some PolarPro. I bought a set of 3 a while back for $13 and change. Unfortunately they don't have the sets anymore.
Thanks to all of you. Once again it demonstrates the value of these forums and the willingness of others to give a brother a leg up! I now have some actionable intelligence. gordo
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There are ND8 official DJI filters available on Ebay. One for $25 shipped and the other for $30 shipped. Use these words for search "nd8 dji phantom"
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