Apr 8, 2015
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In general, birds seem to stay away from my Phantom. I had a hawk seem very interested a few weeks back. Turkey vultures seem very timid, but last night I encountered a brave one. He got within 5 or 6 feet.

What's everyone's experiences with birds? Any aggressive species? Anyone have any real good video or pictures?

Attached is a pic from the video i took.



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No probs here, except with gulls..... One time one almost collided with my p2v+v3, I couldn't descend fast enough due to the restrictions.

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it's spring. They are very territorial.
There's at least one video out there of a Hawk, or Eagle taking out a Phantom. :eek:
Flying near bridges/underpasses I commonly get swarmed with swallows. They get too close for my comfort level (5ft) but have yet to attack it.
i find the little birds are the most aggressive.

On many occasions flocks of swollows have attacked my Phantom,up to 6 at a time.None have made contact yet but they have been as close as 1 or 2 feet.

One bird tried to bite the props one day and came back a few times before it got the message that biting the props is a bad idea.ID unknown,white,hawk size.

I have flown in rising spirals with curious pelicans.

Most of the little birds are moving too fast to get a decent shot of.
The best bird shot I've captured is this Sea Eagle diving off it's perch as I got close.
SYGNA Eagle Dive.jpg
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Vultures have not been a problem, but I haven't gotten too close to them. I have had them fly 100' below me and just ignored the Phantom for the most part. I've thought of trying to share a thermal with them and see what happens.
Well here is a good close call... i was ready for a midair collision but the birds were good!!
Check on 4:24
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Impressive work! For people looking for the close call with the birds fast forward to 4:23. It probably the coolest shot in the video.
Seagulls get very close. I've had them skim right past me.
I've had a flock of Cockatoos swarm across my quad missing me by a fraction on all sides. That set me turning tail and heading for home at full throttle.
I've had swallows circle it at relatively safe distances.
I've never had one hit it yet, but they've come pretty darned close.

Don't fly in their area is Spring, they get real territorial when defending young. Don't fly where Birds of Prey are common, they will often make full and significant contact, probably harming both your quad, and a beautiful bird. If the props injure their feet, that could soon be one less bird of prey, as they need their feet for catching their food.
I've read anecdotally that tests showed birds show much less concern if you stay relatively low and remain at their level, but get quite difficult if you get up above, as that's traditionally where their enemies come from - attacking from above.
Good advise. I had wondered if the phantom could out climb them, as an escape strategy. I remember reading that hawks can climb at 3m/s, not sure what kind of hawk or if that was a maximum ascent speed.
There are a lot of hawks in my area and I am always on the look out to avoid them. I watched one chase off a buzzard yesterday, but could not get it on video quick enough.
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