Battery Hibernation?!

Mar 26, 2021
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Hey there. I bought my wife's Phantom 3 Standard - she had NEVER used it (a Christmas present) and it has sat around for 15 months collecting dust. Now that the thing is out of the box, I am having trouble getting the batteries charged up. There are 3 (she bought a couple spares). With 2 of them, there is one light bar that lights at the bottom and the circle button is red when you push it. Plugged into the charger the 4 lights blink in succession a few time, the circle button is still red and then NOTHING. All lights off. I have let it charge for 12 hours and no change. Same status. The remaining battery is just plain dead. No lights at all. Plugged for hours & hours into the charger - no change. I have tried a few of the solutions I found in this forum to wake the battery up, but it doesn't make a difference. Please advise. I don't really want to hear that all 3 batteries are worthless now. Some other advice would be better. Thanks!
Maybe this wil help:

Battery Hibernation mode:

It is important NOT to alter the sequence:

1. Switch on battery - ignore what happens to lights etc.
2. LEAVE IT ALONE for at least 5 minutes.
3. Do NOT touch power button - plug into DJI charger
4. LEAVE IT ALONE.. it may be hours before it wakes up ... DON'T TOUCH IT !

You need a DJI charger for this - it's the only time a specific charger is required in fact ... you cannot use any 3rd party charger.

The secret is to NOT touch the power button after point 1), if you do, you need to put the battery away for a while, then start again.
I recently did some explanation on how the phantom batteries work, might be useful:

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