Backward Vision Sensor Calibration Error

Oct 20, 2015
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Since buying a Mavic2 Pro last year, I was only using my Phantom 4 Pro as a backup, and hardly ever flew it. This morning I charged up a battery and got ready to launch it. I normally do not use the automatic launch method. I move the two sticks to the lower corners. The aircraft did not respond. I should not have done what I did next, which was to launch it with the automatic method on the remote controller. I flew the craft for about 10 seconds and then it flew about 15 feet straight ahead and hit my house. The only damage was three broken props. Gimbal and the rest of the craft showed no visible damage, but the battery came out of its compartment. I suspect the battery was not in solid enough. Anyway, I got a blinking/beeping red light on the controller and was able to clear that by re-linking the RC to the aircraft, but when I went to fly it again I am getting a "Backward Vision Sensor Calibration Error" red warning. I did the calibration technique on the DJI Go App many times, but each time it failed. Not sure what to do now. I certainly don't want to fly it until I clear the error. Any advice is welcome. BTW, as soon as I get it fixed, or even if I don't I will be selling it for whatever I can get. As I mentioned, I never fly it anyway since the Mavic2 Pro meets my needs just fine.
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