Antenna Tower Locator

Do you survery your flight area before flying?

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Thanks Brian, that's awesome and I found a tower nearby that I wasn't aware of! :)
It's great for when you are wondering "Hmmmmmmmm I wonder what I should set my RTH altitude at?" Or when you are wondering if you will make it over that cell tower down the road.
Cq cq cq W2RAC......

As for the site, not bad. But I know that a tower near me has been down for 4+ years now.
Local FAA sectionals ( available on-line ) contain contemporary information about such structures.

They should be more visible than your drone when operating under LOS guidelines.
Sure does. But learning sectionals is beneficial for those going commercial in the future.
Yep, awesome site!
I downloaded everything into excel and now I have it on my iPad for my preflight planning.
Great find and thanks for sharing!!

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