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A 5.8GHz P1 is a FC40! Time to make one forum for P1/FC40?

Discussion in 'Phantom 1 Discussion' started by lake_flyer, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. lake_flyer

    Jul 17, 2014
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    The Low Lands

    apparently DJI had a surplus of FC40's without camera and sold them as P1's. The problem is that people think they have a P1 and ask questions on the wrong forum. If you mix up the control frequencies all bad things can happen.

    We have enough mixing up between P2's and V2+'s already. Stupid marketing flaw from DJI. Same stupid thing as to position the P1 as a 'trainer' while a P2V+ is the real noob oriented product. Replace the P2V+ in the hands of a novice flyer by a P1 and see what happens. Hey, no limits? I can fly over this airport? Descending with 6m/s?

    The P1/FC40 are very serious quads with the best DJI Naza has to offer. And only us P1/FC40 flyers have the freedom and responsibility to decide how and where we fly. Great! But we should regard them as one type of quad and throw them in one forum, OR keep them strictly separated as they are, which means that topics, most of which are for both, get separated and don't get the attention they should get from both user groups.
    besides, many FC40 users change to 2.4GHz and suddenly they have a P1. As there are many 5.8 P1's out there since christmas.

    I would strongly suggest to move them together in order to make things a lot clearer and easier.
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