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Hello I'm pretty new to all of this and I just recently installed a fpvlr stage 2 antenna kit. I've been getting great range 5500'-7000' but I was wanting to add an amplifier so I might penetrate more obstacles because I usually fly around trees. The only problem is I have no idea what I need to get in order for it to work with my stage 2 and itelite antennas. If someone could please point me in the right direction that would be awesome. Thanks
Matt, I would suggest getting the 3W 2.4ghz amp here:


The 2.5 watt booster is 6v while the 3 watt booster is 12v. The 5.8ghz booster is 12v. Powering the booster(s) long enough for an afternoon's flying is much simpler if you only have to supply one voltage--12v. I spent a lot of time and energy with the 12v/6v supply; and did in fact get my system to work with a 12v to 6v step down transformer. Having said that, I now use the 12v 3 watt booster system is much easier to set up and get into the air. My power source is one of these relatively new "jump start" power banks. Mine has 16 aH so theoretically, I should be able to fly boosted for 4 hours before recharging the power bank. (2 amps X 2 boosters X 1 hour = 4 aH. 4 hours = 16 aH. The power bank I use fits into my back pocket with wires (cables) running to a secure attachment on the bottom of the controller and using modified USB (remove middle yellow and green wires and use the out side red and black wires maintaining polarity from source to booster) connections to connect each booster to the secure attachment point.

I just searched Amazon for the 2.5 watt version and the newer models are 12v 2A. So, either 2.5 or 3.0 watt boosters will be just fine and easy to power.

Do you get more range with a 3w over a 2w and will a 3w booster work with the dual battery from fpvlr.com. I'm just clueless on these amps. Is all I need is a 2.4 ghz booster and a 5.8 ghz booster and a dual battery. Sorry I'm kind of list here. Thanks
@Guaymasjim do u have any pics of your set up or a link to the battery pack. Do u hook all 3 booster to the pack at once? Can u use a 2.4ghz amp to power the 5.8 ghz antenna? How much farther range u get with a booster setup?

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