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1080P/60 and IOC

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision Discussion' started by Butcher99, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. Butcher99

    Nov 20, 2013
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    Hey all,
    Appreciate thoughts on two issues. First, video I shoot 1080p/60fps will not dl to the iPhone and comes up as a non-compliant MP4 file when I scan the SD disk. Seems to DL all other formats just fine.
    Second, according to DJI's Nov 17 firmware update, I should be able to access the old Phantom modes like IOC by setting it up using the Vision assistant. It seems like all my files and firmware is up to date, but I still can't figure how to access those modes. Thoughts?
  2. rnrnrn

    Nov 21, 2013
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    To summarize what you'd like to know:

    - 30p is a very old standard technically but suitable for situations in which panning and zooming is not carried out quickly - in case of Vision panning will happen, zooming will not. You can get decent quality video if you move slowly, if you move quickly I'd suggest going with 60i.

    - 60i means simply: 30fps, 60 fields of vision interlaced. Actually on a good player (mplayer in linux for example) you'll get frame rate of 29.97fps (due to 1000/1001 division - this was done for NTSC standards in the US to get rid of audio channel interference - a standard from the 50' of the last century). This one will work much better for panning and zooming - hence suitable for fast flight.

    In addition - inability to sync with the iPhone or any other iOS device is the norm, not the exception. Years ago there have been a lot of bias against Microsoft for not sticking to the widely accepted standards but Apple have taken this to a whole new level of incompatibility with the world. Not trolling here - I actually do have an iPad and a Mac Air - thus speaking from experience: if you want to watch on your iPhone convert it in Windows with software like Avidemux or better yet if you can use Linux with Avidemux or Mencoder - can't fail there.

    Good luck with the videos :)
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