1.3GHz instead of 5.8GHz for FPV?

Aug 11, 2014
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Hi all,

Has anyone used 1.3GHz band radio gear for FPV on their Phantom 2 rather than 5.8GHz band gear?

I've been flying with 5.8GHz TX/RX (the common ImmersionRC 600mw 5.8GHz TX / Black Pearl RX setup) for years, but I'm sick of the range limitations: even with a cloverleaf (i.e., circular polarized) antenna on the TX and a cloverleaf and a helical on the RX (diversity), I'm still only getting 500 meters or so of line-of-sight range before my FPV signal cuts out (unless I'm out over the ocean, where I've gotten out to a mile or so, again LOS).

I'm looking to improve that range, and also improve penetration (I know the FAA rules about LOS, and I do obey them; but even a tree here or there can cause issues with 5.8GHz).

The two issues I'm aware of with using 1.3GHz gear on a Phantom are:
- less-clear video signal (I'm perfectly okay with slightly less clear video if it means I get better range before total loss of signal!)
- harmonic (1.2GHz * 2 = 2.4GHz) interference with the 2.4GHz control freq of the Phantom (I understand that with a low pass filter between the TX and the antenna this can be minimized or eliminated)

I've also heard there can be interference issues with the GPS with a 1.3GHz TX, but others have said this isn't a problem.

I'm wondering if any of you fine folks here have tried 1.3GHz FPV on your Phantoms, and your thoughts, or any advice you might have!


(I'm posting this both in the FPV forum as well as the Phantom 2 forum, because I'm not sure where it is most appropriate!)
Oct 12, 2014
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Commerce Twp,MI

Anybody?? Has nobody tried this? I can't believe I'd be the first...!

Maybe this the reason why you haven't had a response.

1.3 GHz is quite close to the frequencies the GPS satellites transmit at, and it can degrade your GPS performance. If you are using a 1.3 GHz transmitter, keep it as far from your GPS module as possible.

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