1. P

    Phantom 4 Pro Wobbles after take off even after IMU calibration

    Hello Guys, I’ve been having a problem with my Phantom 4 Pro. It crashed heavily and I had to replace 1 ESC motor, the camera gymbal and the landing gear. After replacing all parts, I have successfully made an IMU calibration, compass calibration, gymbal calibration and sensor calibration...
  2. makneyse

    Extreme wobble

    I was flying my Phantom 3 Pro on a windy day (15 mph and less). I had flown for 30+ minutes without any problems until I got this extreme wobble which happened four times within a few seconds. I was mostly going forward and was not changing my altitude at all. I've never seen anything like this...
  3. S

    Wobble After Throttle

    I'm really new to the Forum here and I'm not entirely sure if I'm posting in the right place so please correct me if I need to post somewhere else. The other day I had a small crash with my DJI Phantom 4. After landing I managed to bump a throttle button which then sent the already landed drone...
  4. Envirodiver


    My PH4P is giving unstable shots. there is a distinct wobble or vibration jiggle in nearly every shot i do unless I'm not moving. Can I tell you this sucks since I use the rig for work as a film maker and am having nothing but problems. The return feed goes green or black or freezes, now the...
  5. H

    Gimbal wobble horizontally after crash

    Hi!.. I crashed my phantom 4 a while ago. I had to replace the whole shell, the yaw arm and it now flies properly except for the fact that the gimbal has a horizontal wobble. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  6. X

    DJI snail + naze32

    Hello Anyone here tried to use the snail with a Naze32 ? I managed to have it almost wobble-free. Except when I give it a strong pitch or roll kick it wobbles like crazy and usualy crashes itself. The P value is as low as can be, if I get any lower it becomes sluggish. I tried to lower the I...
  7. C

    new to P3 from P2V+ gimbal dramas

    Hi all have had the P3 s for 3 weeks brought it 2nd hand , anyhow the gimbal is acting like a fish out of water flapping around non stop , i have looked in the shaft its right ,, have done a gimbal cal , no luck the drone states a update is availiable but am worried about updating as heard so...
  8. R

    Phantom 3 Pro Wobble or Jitter?

    Wondering if anyone else has had this problem... From the camera pov when I move from left to right I always get this jitter or wobble. I have this problem on two Phantom 3 Pros. Has anyone else had this problem?
  9. SmItLeR

    My P3P has the Flu !

    Hey everyone, Phantom 3 Pro has been flying perfect since I acquired it, but it wasn't until last week I went to fly with a friend who just purchased his Mavic and we did a hover test and thats when I noticed my P3P aggressively shaking/wobbling. I took it home, gave it a good look over, spun...
  10. D

    P3 Pro gimbal wobble and jerk

    I was out flying yesterday and a problem that happened once in a while started happening more often. Every so often my gimbal suddenly jerks down and to the left. It happened a lot yesterday, and this was the first time I was using the polar pro filters. I've read other posts on this issue...
  11. Panamedia

    Vortex Ring State on P4?

    Has anyone experienced this? It seems to me that a P4 could be immune to this... possibly because of the inboard tilt of the rotors? I have tried MANY times to induce VRS but cannot. I know it was an issue on previous Phantoms.
  12. R

    Little Wobbley on my first flight?

    OK so took my little baby up on its maiden flight. Calibrated the compass, had 7-8 satellites , on beginner mode. Just was testing the basics on my flight abilities. Noticed though when she hovered a wobble developed. I was not inputting any commands with the R/C. The wobble was within about a 3...
  13. pete76uk

    Gimbal wobble after crash

    Hi everyone I'm really hoping someone can help me I had a low altitude crash from about 10ft and now there is a noticeable wobble on video. If you turn volume loud you can hear the vibration and see it on the top plate (one with the light on) It also does it with no props on...
  14. D

    Gimbal vibrations

    Hi! I'm getting some wobble on my Phantom 3. It's only a day old and has new props on it, has had no collisions and has been flown in very nice weather conditions. Basically just wondering if there is anything I can do to rectify this issue without having to send it in for repair? Video...
  15. C

    Wobble with tablet help

    Thanks for any help. I'm fairly new, tried to find my answer on forums, no luck. I have a P3 standard, love it. I just bought a tablet and extender, works perfectly. The problem is that it wobbles terribly. Does anyone have a solution for the standard. Maybe the arm with the ball and clamp...