1. Lindsaybev

    14 CFR 107.31 Re: VLOS and Waivers

    I read that some people regard the "Visual Line of Sight" to include use of the controller, and NOT necessarily mean that my eyes MUST SEE THE DRONE IN THE AIR SPACE. Will people who have actually taken the certification class, or people who actually have the 107 cetification, please tell me...
  2. FilmicDude

    Business/Insurance Question

    I received my certification a few weeks ago and I'm in the process of securing insurance; my broker just sent me this: "The underwriter did have a question, will you be getting a consent form signed prior to using the drone at a customer’s premises?" I asked her if the goal was to provide...
  3. O

    CNN granted part-107 waiver to fly over people

    CNN Receives Breakthrough Part 107 Waiver for Operations Over People
  4. J

    Airmap and KPIT (Pittsburgh) Class B

    I hold an FAA Part 107 certification, but probably like many who also went through this training, I'm still a bit confused about the complexity of Class B airspaces. Here's an example... I was asked to get a few aerial establishing shots of facility near Pittsburgh. Looking at the charts for...
  5. ethanunzicker

    Blanket VLOS Waiver?

    I'm licensed under Part 107 but I only fly for a public county agency. We're a public park district that focuses on conservation and preservation of natural resources. We just started using drones this year for mapping and, of course, some marketing purposes. We have close to 20 properties...
  6. B

    How to Fly Phantom *2* in Restricted Airspace?

    Hi all, I am a licensed Part 107 pilot and I applied to the FAA for, and was recently granted (yay!!!), a waiver to fly in restricted airspace near a Class E airport. Having dealt with the FAA, now I need to figure out how to get my bird to actually fly there. :-( Since the Phantom 2 doesn't...
  7. Lord Nibbler

    Solving a Class E-SFC Rubik's Cube...

    Hey everyone! So I have a puzzle on my hands. I am getting ready to apply for a 107.41 waiver, (s) to fly in my local Class E-SFC airspace. (For commercial aerial photography) It’s a tricky one! Ukiah, CA is a very, very small town and our airport (KUKI) is centrally located within that...
  8. S

    Flying in class D Airspace

    Has anyone been able to get approval to fly in Class D airspace by calling the tower or are they making you get a waiver now. It sucks since the waivers take month's to even hear about. I am licensed Commercial UAS pilot but I cant seem to find a recent success story.
  9. voyageraero

    Airspace Authorization Approved!

    I just thought I would share my excitement on my first airspace waiver approval from the FAA! I requested to fly in Chicago Midway's class C airspace on July 8th (90 days from the date I submitted the waiver). I just received a call from (by far) the nicest FAA employee I've ever interacted...
  10. Kristina Fowler

    Hobbyist vs. Commercial: calling the tower for clearance

    I have a Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate. I understand the need for rules/regulations concerning drones. Even if I don't fully agree with a rule or two, I still intend to abide by them. One rule that I think needs to be re-considered by the FAA is the requirement for a commercial drone pilot...
  11. SoCalDude

    FAA Grants TFR Waiver for South Dakota Drone Pilot!

    "In a dramatic reversal of its prior refusal to allow drone journalists in the no-fly zone over the Standing Rock protests in North Dakota, the FAA has granted drone photographer Robert Levine of Minneapolis, Minnesota a three-day waiver to fly in the so-called TFR or temporary flight...