1. F

    How can I benefit from drones in fields of home security?

    Hello all, I am a software engineering student albeit I have no experience on drones. I was pondering about my detached house's security and I have come up with an idea. I am thinking of a drone that: Stores energy at daytimes by a solar panel. If that energy is insufficient, generates...
  2. G

    Survey for school (please help!) about a golf tracking software

    I am working on a project for an engineering class, we are assessing the feasibility of the economics of a golf ball tracking technology, and we would really appreciate it if you all can fill it out! Link is here: Golf Ball Tracking Technology
  3. Hammer

    Running through wine country

    After Thanks Giving dinner a few weeks ago I coaxed sarah into going for a run while i chsed her arount with the drone. What do you think? Love it? hate It? let me know
  4. tml4191

    The Notorious Lily Drone is Back Under A New Company!

    Newly Owned 2017 Lily Drone is Available to Buy! - WeTalkUAV
  5. Skyler King III

    Track an object from far away?

    I am looking for an app that I can use with Phantoms, Mavic etc that I can set a Point of Interest and no matter, within reason, I move the aircraft, the POI will stay centered in a image or video. Like a front door of a home etc....Should work from 100 feet away. Thanks for the help...
  6. K

    Trakimo High Capacity Battery

    I purchased a high capacity battery for my Trakimo and was surprised when it arrived by it's size and weight. Has anyone used this setup and if so how and where do you mount it?
  7. X

    Does anyone have a solution yet?

    A solution for the phantom 4 not being able to fly full speed while using tracking mode. It's super annoying. Anything I want it to follow goes way faster than 20 mph. Thanks
  8. C

    Litchi Tracking Accuracy

    Hi all, I'm a newbie here and a new Drone Pilot (of sorts). I have the Litchi app which has tracking features that I wanted that DJI doesn't have. In setting up some simple tracks, I have found the drone follows them fine, what I am having issues with is the accuracy of the maps used for...
  9. G

    Replaced gimbal cable, video works but camera wont track

    So, my drone freaked out on me one day and came down and bent the yaw arm. I ordered another one AND the cable. I took everything apart and replaced both pieces. Made sure that the cable was installed correctly. I build electronic circuits so I am familiar with the ribbon cable clips and such. I...
  10. T

    Obstacle Avoidance And....

    New pilot here and I have a couple of quick questions: 1) Is OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE automatically on or do I need to switch it on? 2) If I put the drone on TRACKING mode, is OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE automatically on? 3) In general, how does OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE interact with other modes such as WAY POINT...
  11. X

    Don't fly without a tracker on board.....

    Flyaways do happen..... Regardless of system failure or pilot error, many will find themselves experiencing that sinking feeling when your Phantom drifts off on its own. Most commercial pilots use our Marco Polo trackers on every job. Watch our video at and see the Marco Polo...
  12. L

    Phantom tracking?

    I wonder how this would work? Limited to areas covered by cell coverage, but inexpensive? 5 Benefits of Using TrackR
  13. Steve_in_DE

    moves sideways after releasing controls

    I just got my P3A last week. I notice that when I fly it in a straight line (always nose-out), then release the controls, the P3A jumps to the left about 3-4 feet after flying forwards (away from me), and jumps 3-4 to the right after flying backwards (towards me). In both cases it will then...
  14. A-P

    ACTIVE Tracking QUESTION (with video)

    Have you noticed a green arrow pointing to either left or right when Active Tracking is engaged? What does that arrow mean or point to?!? You can see that in this video (from 2:05 to 2:17):
  15. G

    Phantom 4 - Automation with a Car...

    This experiment was conducted on a closed road, using both the GO app and Litchi. I was both the driver AND the pilot. This was set up using way points mostly, some limited use of "follow me" mode, and use of a "zip line" with a fixed flight path and speed. But the car is too similar to the...
  16. R

    Active Track--Can it control camera independent of flight?

    I have two situations that are difficult with my P3, and I am wondering if getting a P4 will help, that is will Active Track help with either or both: 1. Subject is moving and I want to fly along next to the subject, then circle around, and vary my distance from the subject, but I want the...
  17. S

    Litchi add tracking like P4

    The Phantom 4's big draw is the subject tracking capability. Would be great if Litchi could add this functionality via the app. Vertical Studio has implemented it via app for the P3, so you know it is possible. Do you think Litchi will add it? Litchi has the most features currently. I don't...
  18. J

    RF-V16 Tracking Issues Help Needed

    I recently purchased a RF-V16 tracker and recommendations from various threads. Now I am about to pull my hair out trying to set it up. The SIM card is AT&T which is one of a few platforms required. I can get the device to receive commands and send confirmations. Both LED lights flash fast, so...
  19. Neil Mathew

    Vertical Studio - Looking for Beta Testers

    Hi Phantom Pilots, We’re Vertical, a start-up in the Bay Area and we're looking for beta testers for our app Vertical Studio. One of our biggest problems with aerial video was that filming landscapes and panoramas is easy, but filming close-up shots of stuff in action is ridiculously...