Phantom 4 - Automation with a Car...

Apr 27, 2016
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This experiment was conducted on a closed road, using both the GO app and Litchi. I was both the driver AND the pilot. This was set up using way points mostly, some limited use of "follow me" mode, and use of a "zip line" with a fixed flight path and speed. But the car is too similar to the color of the road and tracking was easily lost. Still impressive that both can be done at the same time with only one person involved.

I have a production need to be able to track automobiles, but low altitude and close shots are a requirement, so it's not so easy keeping away from objects. Any suggestions for side tracking or leading the car at higher speeds (25-30 mph) would be appreciated. I've only had the drone for 10 days and so far, it's amazing. Landscapes are easy to get great images with, but dynamic shots while tracking a car is certainly a challenge, unless it just needs to be something from a distance. (Assume I'm always using a secure roadway.)

Have you looked at Vertical Studio for tracking - think it has slightly better features than the DJI Go App maybe?
How does Vertical Studio compare to Litchi or Autopilot in regards to tracking? Any experience with comparisons regarding accuracy and ease of use?

Color and reflection off of shiny metal seems to play a part in it's ability to track a car. I've experimented with this gray, a dark green, and a light blue. It does not like the darker colors, the light blue Vette we shot was the only one of the 3 cars to stay on track for the duration. I have zero trouble tracking a human, but a car which is multiple times bigger seems to be difficult, especially on bright sunny days. I am using a ND8 filter, which seems to help a bit. Does anyone think the app really makes a difference or is it a function of the drone technology that is simply in it's infancy in regards to advanced automation skills?

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