stress cracks

  1. J

    Phantom 4 landing gear stress cracks. SOLUTION!!!!!

    Hi recently I bought a phantom 4 pro that had all but one of those caps that cover the landing gears on it. So I bought some on eBay and put it in. After a while I noticed that all the legs had cracked except for the one I had put the cap in. I did not know what this was so I just sent it back...
  2. C

    stress cracks & reinforcement plates

    Hi guys [& gals] Has anyone had experience of fitting reinforcement plates to the arms of the P3? I have just had to have the shell replaced because of stress cracks, which I believe are an unwanted free extra with the P3! There are some old posts about these reinforcement plates, but the...
  3. K

    Stress Cracks Poll

    Just curious how prevalent the problem is.
  4. D

    Stress crack repair & protective plugs

    Hello guys, Unfortunately, few days before I discovered my first stress crack on my Phantom 4. I will not go into details, how it was created, possibilities etc. I fly my drone once a week, most of the time hand catch, I use the sport mode a lot since this is offered by the machine.. So as you...
  5. J

    Phantom 3 4K Shell

    I have a Phantom 3 4K which after 4 flights (very smooth although one was at 120 meters height) developed the stress fractures at the motor mounts. My questions are: Do all Phantom 3's share the same body shell (according to DJI help chat they do not) If they don't share the same body shell...
  6. Stevedots

    Stress Crap

    Hello All, I know the stress cracks in the Phantom 3 Advanced aren’t a new topic but I think I’m the first to have this happen. After discovering stress cracks both on the bottom and top shells I opened her up and I was shocked to see what I found! Not only multiple micro cracks but two of...
  7. D

    STRESS CRACKS! - 1 Month Old Phantom 4

    I have bought a DJI Phantom 4 from Jessops (UK) on August 4th 2017. Since then this p4 has developed a stress crack under one of its motors. Here is a picture: I have never used it in sports mode. Always gentle on the throttle. Never crashed!And No, it did not come with a stress crack.. I...
  8. M_W

    To use or not to use the Strong Arm Reinforcement Plates?

    I just got my P3S back from having the shell replaced for the second time due to stress cracks and I'm wondering if I should get a set of those UAV Bits Strong Arm reinforcement plates. There are a bunch of threads on here with differing opinions about them. Some people say they seem to help...
  9. Sasquad

    Installing motor mounts for stress crack avoidance

    I just purchased a set of aluminum motor mounts for the Phantom 3 advanced. I am looking at the length of the screws included. They seem long, and I don't want them running up into the motor and hitting on the magnets. My question is, has anyone installed these and if so do you recall how long...
  10. Shep

    Adding Shell/Frame/Motor Supports (VIDEO)

    For most of you - this will be very rudimentary and you may even want to pass this one up. But there may be a few that are experiencing stress cracks or even losing motors that will find this helpful. Like I said it is not brain surgery (simple unscrewing and attaching) - but it may help the...
  11. Kman

    Stress cracks...anyone waiting to see before buying?

    I'm sure a lot of you have seen the video I made awhile ago of the P3 stress cracks. A lot of you who have been in the hobby for awhile know stress cracks on the shell of Phantoms has been on every model since the P1. Looking at the pics of the new P4, the arms look very narrow/thin towards...
  12. M

    Can I replace a shell myself without voiding warranty?

    Im sorry if this has been asked and answered before but my Phantom 3P was plagued by the stress cracks around the motor mounts on one arm of the shell and I was wondering if I were to purchase and replace the shell myself would that void my warranty? Thanks for the help.
  13. M

    I finally got the dreaded stress cracks.

    I bought my Phantom 3 Professional the week that it came out back in the beginning of the year. When I heard about the stress crack thing I made it a habit of checking my phantom before and after each flight. The weird thing is they weren't there after my last flight and I went to check before I...
  14. Mario_SB

    Didn't think it would happen to me.... 105th flight = two stress cracks on P3P

    Wow.... after reading so much about these it's finally come to me. Just discovered two stress cracks under the rear motors, one in each. They are fine cracks but I can tell that they wan't to come apart with a little bit of pulling. Ok... Bought mine from Amazon about 2 months ago. The cracks...