shell replacement

  1. C

    Phantom 1 shell fit p2v+

    Bought a used p2v+ this past weekend at a swap meet and I didn’t look close enough at it as I was concerned too much about how it works as it is my first drone. Anyways the shell and landing gear are in rough shape and it need to be fixed up. I found a p1 complete for 100 that won’t fly and...
  2. AdamEzkaton

    Need a new Shell for Phantom 2 with Zenmuse H4-3d

    Crashed my Phantom 2 with Zenmuse gimbal. I need a new shell and havnt been able to find a shell specifically for the zenmuse. It needs a hole correct for the gimbal? Does anyone have a shell, motor, esc, two rubber mounts laying around? I found this on amazon but not even sure it it would...
  3. F

    P4P ESC Error after Shell Replacement

    Hi everyone, I had a little crash with my P4P the other day, bent the gimble arm and dented the shell a little (mainly cosmetic). I replaced the yaw arm to fix the VPS error. While I was at it I went ahead and replaced the shell, before putting the bottom shell back on I threw the battery to...
  4. J

    Phantom 3 4K Shell

    I have a Phantom 3 4K which after 4 flights (very smooth although one was at 120 meters height) developed the stress fractures at the motor mounts. My questions are: Do all Phantom 3's share the same body shell (according to DJI help chat they do not) If they don't share the same body shell...
  5. johnnhb1

    motors won't arm and no leds after i replaced the shell.

    my phantom 4 was working perfectly fine but i decided to change the shell , that was a mistake. After i changed the shell and put it back together i tried to arm the motors but nothing happened , the less are also not working . the camera is working but nothing else. in the app it said almost...
  6. cneedelman

    New P2 Shell is Flimsy

    I just bought a P2 shell from a reputable on line retailer and it seems to be a lighter grade of plastic and less rigid than the P2 Plus shell I'm replacing. I'm going to send it back but want to make sure that the next one I order is the better plastic. Any thoughts?
  7. S

    Is there anyone that can fix an ESC error?

    I crashed my p4 and after the crash it still flew perfectly. The body was damaged so i replaced it, and i (tried) sanding the coating off the motor wires (i spliced them). If there is anyone that I can ship this too, or that can help me please contact me. When I connect the controller it says...
  8. S


    Hi, I am a 15 year old pilot, and it had been a dream for me to buy a phantom. I had wanted one for a couple of years. So just a few months ago, I had enough money to buy one. So I convinced my parents to buy a Phantom 4. I am an experienced pilot and flying the phantom was a breeze. The other...
  9. P

    Shell replacement....but where are the feet?

    I just replaced my Phantom 3 Pro shell and for the most part, everything went very well. I ordered the replacement shell from Amazon and it included the landing gear, but the landing gear did not include the black feet. I have tried to remove the old ones from the original landing gear, but...
  10. Q

    Help with PHANTOM 3 Standard Cover replacement

    Hi, I need to replace the top Cover shell on my PHANTOM 3 Standard and wanted to know how to remove the copper shielding with the GPS so I can transfers it to the new shell? And how can we reattach the copper shielding? Any help would be appreciated
  11. R

    Phantom 4 Shell and Forward Sensor Replacement... because I messed up

    Hi all, So, I'm a total newbie here and I had to join for a rather unfortunate reason. While doing some filming today with a few cars I made a rookie mistake, and crashed my P4 after making contact with some leaves on a tree branch. Got too focused on what was happening on screen and backed the...
  12. H

    Changing the shell, motor mounting problem

    Hi, I had a little crash with my P3A and one of the arms bent. So I got another body, so I was putting all the parts into the new one and when I wanted to screw the motors in, I found out that there is a different mounting system. View the photos. On the photo with the motor, there is the new...
  13. K

    Battery error after shell replacement

    Hi guys. I just replaced the shell on my P3P, after it got stress cracks. When tested if everything still works, i get a battery error. Everything works, and the battery is on. But i can´t turn on the propellers, as it say" Battery error, please contact DJI if issue persist after restart" (or...
  14. M

    Phantom 3 Parts - including those not available New from DJI

    Phantom 3 Parts - Not available New from DJI. Phantom 3 Parts - Not available New from DJI | Miscellaneous Goods | Gumtree Australia Adelaide Hills - Bridgewater | 1113071271 DJI have decided not to provide full parts support for the Phantom 3 Standard, as a result, the only way to get some of...
  15. uberdunk

    How do you remove the top shell?

    Hi, I have buckled an arm trying to actve track a P3...unsuccessfully. I cant see an easy way to tek the top shell off as the motors seem fixed onto to it with no obvious loosening screws for the motors. Also are new replacement shells available yet?
  16. M

    Can I replace a shell myself without voiding warranty?

    Im sorry if this has been asked and answered before but my Phantom 3P was plagued by the stress cracks around the motor mounts on one arm of the shell and I was wondering if I were to purchase and replace the shell myself would that void my warranty? Thanks for the help.
  17. Suhail

    P3 Full Strip Down and Rebuild (Shell Replacement and Custom Paint) Detailed How-To Videos

    I recently crashed my Phantom 3 and ended up having to do a complete shell replacement. Given the magnitude of the work required, I figured I would make a few additional upgrades as well: Custom paint (lower shell), Remote Control HDMI Module Upgrade, and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Propellers...