san francisco

  1. D

    Port of San Francisco - Flying the Stockpiles

    I am a licensed remote pilot, here I am flying the SF stockpiles using the DJI GSP app then processing with Web ODM on my computer to calculate the volume of the stockpiles for my company. These pictures illustrate why drones and construction go together so well. I can remotely and safely take...
  2. H

    San Francisco (Civic Center) City Tour

    I happened to visit the Civic center a town of San Francisco city where I shot the video of my trip. Hope you will like this. Click CC for English sub-title.
  3. B

    Bay Area - just got an Inspire 2, but nowhere to "legally" fly - lets make a map?

    Hello everyone! I just got an inspire 2 and very excited to go fly and practice shooting... BUT The more I go out, the more i realize there is really no legal places to fly around here. Do you guys think we should make a google map with all the spots on where we can LEGALLY launch the drones...
  4. B

    East Bay - Fly rules - Question

    Hello, I am new to the forum and I have learned a lot, so THANK YOU! But I do have couple of questions: - does not have the layer for the state parts correct? - does not have the layer for the for city parks? reason why I am asking is because I am trying to fly around the...
  5. B

    Anyone in the SFbayarea have a P3 charger that I could borrow?

    Anyone in the SF bay area have a P3 charger for the RC controller that I could borrow for a few hours today? I just need to charge it once for a flight tomorrow. Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. DroneOnNDP

    San Francisco City Drone Law UAS Filming Policy?

    Do any San Francisco Bay Area commercial 107 pilots in the forum have experience flying a drone in the City of San Francisco proper, under the published rules? I have a potential shoot coming up next month, was looking for war stories, help/advice if any of ya'll have it?! Thanks in advance...
  7. H

    Spectacular Sunset in San Francisco with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro

    The sky was on fire last week at sunset on Cinco de Mayo in San Francisco. Please let me know if you like it and subscribe, would love to hear from you!
  8. Kara Murphy

    Not sure what my P4 Pro gimbal was doing here....

    ...but I'm digging the results.
  9. L

    where can i fly my P4 round the Bay Area

    hey guys, so i live in the bay area and i would like to know where are some good places to go fly and get some good footage around. it can be anywhere around.
  10. M

    Mount Davidson, San Francisco

    Early morning flyover on a clear San Francisco morning.
  11. Energy Guy

    Did wayward drone knock out power in Bernal Heights?

    More news about wayward drones. Did wayward drone knock out power in Bernal Heights? "A recreational drone possibly crashed into a Pacific Gas and Electric Co. overhead conductor Sunday evening, causing a power failure that lasted more than an hour in a small section of San Francisco. A...
  12. SFDTM

    Week One With My P3A (Night Shots & Pano)

    As a professional photographer i'm pretty blown away by camera on the Phantom 3, so **** happy that I made this investment. I'm still having trouble comprehending how the P3 takes a sharp 2-second exposure while way up in the air.
  13. W

    In the San Francisco Bay Area? Help test our flying app!

    Hi all! We are a Burlingame-based drone software startup that is building a flying app for drones. We are currently in beta and are looking for interested Phantom flyers in the San Francisco Bay Area to fly with our app and give us feedback. We aren't paying for this, but it is a great...