1. K

    Flying in New Zealand

    Super confused by the drone rules in New Zealand. Saw this video and it just makes me wonder if anyone actually goes to each and every house to ask or do people generally not really care? Does anyone know how they did this?
  2. Green Phantom

    NEW Drone LAWS & Rules 2018 - UK

  3. B

    Flying to Dominican Republic

    I am leaving in a few days for Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I plan to travel with a DJI Spark on American Airlines. Do I need any type of permit or anything for when going through customs. Also, do I need to get permission to fly or can I fly whenever. I do not plan on flying near people...
  4. O

    California State Parks - Where can you really fly?

    Hi, Since flying drones is not illegal in California State Parks (unless said otherwise in the Park's rules), I've scanned most of the California State Parks website and wrote down any drone reference I could find. Here are the (very sad) results, I hope it will be useful for other drone...
  5. S

    This is why we can't have nice things - Drone nearly hits passenger plane landing in New Zealand

    I was just reading the latest article regarding a near miss of a drone with a commercial airliner. THIS IS WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS. It's because of the people who think that it's cool to fly drones within 5 meters of an aircraft. Drone operators should have some common sense, no? This is...
  6. Ripper74

    I live in Northern Illinois Where to fly

    I live in Antioch Ill and am looking for places to fly and get good footage. Any ideas where i can fly without breaking the rules.
  7. impurenergy

    Drone laws Indonesia/Bali

    I am continuously getting messages about what the drone laws in Indonesia are. It is difficult (but not impossible) to get the information in English. Below is a list of rules and regulations in relation to flying your drone there. There are also links to sites that cover getting your drone...
  8. JTC Films

    Airspace Regulations - Event Permission???

    Hey all, just wanted to get some conversation rolling around what I heard from an event planner in South Florida (South Beach Miami to be specific) this week. So I have a video job filming an engagement proposal on Friday night at a rented out top floor of hotel on the beach. When asking the...
  9. DroneOnNDP

    San Francisco City Drone Law UAS Filming Policy?

    Do any San Francisco Bay Area commercial 107 pilots in the forum have experience flying a drone in the City of San Francisco proper, under the published rules? I have a potential shoot coming up next month, was looking for war stories, help/advice if any of ya'll have it?! Thanks in advance...
  10. RWSmith

    Congested Area (CAA)

    Hello all, this is my first posting on this forum so this question also serves simultaneously as my greeting to you all. I've very recently purchased my first drone, a Phantom 3 Adv, and I'm rather keen to stay within the rules and regulations - getting shut down serves no purpose to anyone...
  11. P

    Flying near small airports?

    Ok I am a classic over-thinker and trying to do things right over here. I have recently attained my Part 107 certification and have started integrating photography and video into my creative design business. I am looking to do multiple flights in my town (a small, rural farm town) that has a...
  12. Not A Speck Of Cereal

    Telling me not to fly there: is he right?

    First off, I follow the recreational flyer rules, I'm FAA registered, I'm not a newbie, I'm certainly not one of those "how dare any person or agency tell ME where to fly!" fools. I also like to help educate the public, including those who think I'm creepy for piloting a camera in the sky, etc...
  13. thefrisbee995

    Flying near a wind farm? (UK)

    So I have a question - they've just finished building an off-shore wind farm. Provided I keep line of sight, is there any law against flying near to record the change of scenery? I'm talking about staying about 100ft away.
  14. D

    Drones “Should Also Be On Associations’ Agendas"

    The legal article linked below was blogged by an attorney targeting associations (HOAs) and real estate developers claiming: ". . . the use of drones raises novel legal issues that developers and associations should consider and plan for. Developers should consider including certain...
  15. M

    Clarification on "Rules" (Baltimore)

    Can someone clarify wether or not I am required to notify BWI before flying. I am learning about tools such as Airmaps and want to make sure I am following the rules. I am technically within the class B airspace. Am I supposed to notify them before flight, or am I good as long as I follow the...
  16. BluWolf

    Where are you flying now in Edmonton Alberta?

    Looking to find out where the quads are now flying in the Edmonton area - considering the new rules and such...
  17. E

    San Diego - Drone Pilot Basics - sUAS 101 and 107 Rules Review

    "Drone Pilot Basics - sUAS 101 and 107 Rules Review" Topic: Best practices for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) recreation, commercial, and institutional drone operation safety. On Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at 18:00 Pacific Daylight Time Location: Serra Mesa-Kearny Mesa Branch Public...
  18. thefrisbee995

    How close can I get to this castle?

    So there is a castle I know of, you can see in this video I made (at 1:12) that I went close to it but I didn't want to fly right over it. My question is, is it legal to fly over it if it is privately owned? I usually only fly in public places where I know I am allowed so I don't annoy anyone or...
  19. D

    Pretty much can't fly drones in Cali now

    Ok, so before I bought my P3A a couple days ago, I did a ton of research on where I can fly (mostly in Socal and I also emailed the NPS to get some clarification on flying in a state park and they said it was fine. Here's the email.... "Thank you for your email. The Santa Monica Mountains...
  20. K

    Can you fly within Cities & Night with CAA Approval

    Setting up a drone business and cant find any info on if you can fly at night or within cities if you have CAA approval. I was just wondering what the rules are on this in the UK as may have jobs in the city and also for night photos. Also if with AA Approval you can do this is it also ok for...