1. SoyFPV

    Airspace Regulations

    hi, I'm trying to operate my drone strictly for hobby use within a class c airspace (Nashville INTL). The space I'll be flying is 4.83NM from the airport. Am I allowed to contact the ATC or airport manager directly to notify them of my flight? During recent research I've seen that I must go...
  2. SoyFPV

    Question regarding airport and helipad regulations!

    I want to fly my Phantom4 in Nashville,TN at a park near my house, but when I pull up my B4Ufly app I get the following: "warning action required: airspace restriction, and airports within 5 miles." ALL of the following airports excluding Nashville International Airport are not AIRPORTS but...
  3. S

    Can't find local glider club rules

    Hi, I have been trying to find out if the area near USK glider club (Usk ,South Wales, UK) is a no fly zone. The no fly guides on the Web do not show this at all. I intend to stay well within the UK height limit(400') and do not intend to do any long distances. I am just trying to find out...
  4. rickray

    Drone confiscated, arrested, put on trial, found guilty, never visit this country!

    Hello flyers. Below is the story of my arrest by corrupt customs agents in the tiny country of Macedonia (north of Greece). People with drones in their luggage are being targeted by corrupt customs police as the resale value within the country is up to 5 times the retail value. This is the...
  5. C

    DJI Mavic in SE Asia Help

    Hi I've just ordered a DJI Mavic and plan on taking it with me on my travels through south east Asia. I will be travelling to the following countries: Bali, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia; Kuala Lumpur. I have researched online that I will require a permit for Vietnam and the...
  6. E

    OK to fly over people when flying inside buildings?

    After studying for the sUAS operators (part 107) test I understand we cannot fly legally over people without a waiver. That is fine for me as I can get the shots I need for work without flying over people anyway. But I've been seeing footage in ads and online where a drone is flying over...
  7. Phil Tuggle

    FAA Logo - Just a "Heads Up"

    Being pretty excited about finally being able to fly commercially under the "107," I wanted to paste that pretty FAA logo on my website to celebrate and announce the fact. Bunches of folks have done this and it looks great. Alas, we can't do it. Huh!? I knew it was alright (yeah) but as a...
  8. J

    Police vs law vs drones

    So basically, I flew down to Hollywood, and wanted to fly my p3s, so I did. Not 2 minutes after takeoff I am approached by a police officer who tells me to land immediately and that "drones are only legal in certain parks in California." [edit: I was not in a park at the time, so what the...
  9. 28wins

    Are you capable of flying in ATTI?

    These drones come with a lot of flight assistance and it's mostly good. It's great because of the confidence it gives the operator. Save for any issues, it's a joy to fly a DJI product or most drones available today.. The problem with GPS and Compass aided software based flight assistance is...
  10. HoboDan

    Dear Arizona UAV Pilots

    We are very lucky cuz we can fly problem free in thousands of miles of BLM land.... I admit, the mesquite tree is a boring use of 4K, but at least we don't have all the problems of many other crowded and overly ruled states. If you remember a couple years ago, I think it was Paradise Valley...
  11. H

    Sorrento/Italy drone rules?

    I have booked a holiday to Sorrento in south Italy in the summer and was looking forward to taking my drone with me, however I just looked up the regulations in italy and they are extremely tight compared to the UK(and the Netherlands)! They state you must have third party insurance, not fly...
  12. D

    Questions About Taking Drone to South Africa this Summer

    I am going to South Africa this summer and have read a lot about how it is illegal to fly in many areas. I was curious to ask someone who actually flys in South Africa and knows how the rules are enforced. Would I still be able to fly at Table Mountain and Lions Head or is that a no go? I just...
  13. R

    In anticipation of Part 107 rules on the way

    Since Part 107 is rumored to be coming in June or sooner (at least that's what I've read), what should those of us who are already experienced drone pilots be reading and studying up on in order to pass the test and/or any other requirements that are likely to be part of it? I want to be ready...
  14. F

    Funny music video about FAA drone rules

    Here's a crack at explaining the FAA drone regulations through the power of musical comedy!
  15. EyeWingsuit

    Drone Rules Suck (and why we want them)…And why we want UAV guidelines. The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.
  16. M

    Government Restrictions

    I'm on the FAA site and am reviewing the FAQ: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Frequently Asked Questions Look at the Q&A below Do I need approval from the FAA to fly a model aircraft for recreation or hobby? No, but your aircraft must be registered if it weighs more than 0.55 lbs. FAA...
  17. DiverDan

    FAA regs for beginners

    Under current FAA regs, flying any sort of un-manned hobby aircraft within five miles of an airport requires tower notification. By the end of this year, it is estimated that there will be 750k-1m quadcopters flying in the US. Obviously my half-ounce Blade Inductix at half-an-ounce poses no...