Professional Limp Roll on Gimbal

Jun 28, 2016
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P3P, boots up and operates fine almost all of the time.

In cooler temperatures (15ºC is the warmest I've seen it happen) the ROLL on the camera gimbal goes limp.

The gimbal seems to be functioning normally except it hangs to the left side. Tilt/Pan are fine, the roll just continually makes a sort of electronic/magnetic sound like if you push your finger against an axis and trigger an overload or gimbal clamp error.

It happens occasionally, part way through a flight and is only fixed with a restart. I've also used my hands to warm the gimbal before restarting to see if it jumps back into place, but it doesn't. I'm not sure if the temp makes a difference but warm with hands > power off > power on fixes the issue temporarily.

I've also had plenty of flights in 18-24ºC weather with no problem. Flying hard, flying far, exercising all systems with no issues.

Powering on the P3P at home and manipulating it forcing the gimbal and IMU to work produces no issue. Leaving the P3P to sit for 20+ minutes on a table before and after manipulation produces no issue.

Thanks in advance!
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