1. JakeSherlock

    Looking for Phantom 3 4K joystick replacement

    I've gone around in circles for about a year trying to find a joystick replacement for my Phantom 3 4k. Does anyone have advice for where I can find one in Canada? -J
  2. J

    Phantom 4 landing gear stress cracks. SOLUTION!!!!!

    Hi recently I bought a phantom 4 pro that had all but one of those caps that cover the landing gears on it. So I bought some on eBay and put it in. After a while I noticed that all the legs had cracked except for the one I had put the cap in. I did not know what this was so I just sent it back...
  3. W

    Need help finding the right motors for my Phantom!

    Hi all. I have a Phantom 2 Vision + (Model no: PV331) v2.0 and i rely don´t know what motors i need to get. The main problem is that i got 3 motors that are totally dead and than i want to replace them all not just the dead motors. And i have searched and as i understand it is this motors...
  4. H

    Bloated Battery - Replacement Options?

    Hi there everyone. I have hardly used my P2 as it has taken me many years/months to put it all together for FPV. I purchased my P2 in early 2014 so its clearly out of warranty. My issue that has come about just the other day. I noticed just after take off and 10ft in the air, all red lights...
  5. B

    Phantom 3SE remote tablet mount removal

    I am attempting to replace the stock tablet / phone holder with a slightly larger one because I have a Samsung Tab S and its just slightly too big for the stock mount. The controller for the 3SE has two points where the mount attaches, the loop looking attachment dead center on the remote and...
  6. cr6

    Phantom 4 Professional camera & gimbal (used)

    Aside from a bent yaw arm, this camera and gimbal for the Phantom 4 Professional is in perfect working order. i didn't want DJI to have my bird for a month so I decided to replace the whole camera/gimbal myself. The flex ribbon is in excellent condition, but you can pick up both the flex...
  7. H

    DJI Go App Removal and Replacement on iPhone

    Is there any way to COMPLETELY remove the DJI Go (not Go 4) app from my iPhone SE and reload a virgin copy from the App Store and not the Cloud? After I upgraded the iP's iOS, I began having all sorts of problems with the Go App, like not holding settings, not operating parts of the hardware...
  8. Uncle Stumpy

    Have you used DJI repair?

    Has anyone sent their 3 Advanced in to DJI repair services? If so, what kind of money are we talking about? Is it outrageous or pretty much average? I need 2 motors replaced and the case has come apart after a crash. My question is, will the repairs cost me so much that it would be better to...
  9. Micawber

    Replacement board for Standard 3.

    My Phantom 3 Standard took an involuntary swim in one of my farm ponds a while back which blew some of the P01103.05 [part 33] board and one of the 2312A motors. I have obtained what I'm led to believe is a replacement board P01012.09 [Part 96] and new motor. This seems a fairly straightforward...
  10. K

    Replacing Phantom 3 Pro with Standard body. Will it work?

    Hello- We had an accident when filming in Arizona with our Phantom 3 Pro. Aircraft is done for, but the gimbal and camera detached and landed in a soft bush. Seems perfectly fine. No scratches, no "rattling" inside, and the 3 axis gimbal still has full range of motion. Ribbons and connectors...
  11. I

    Should I replace my p4 pro motors?

    I'm not sure how much flight time I have if anyone knows where i can find out it would help. Anyway I was wondering if the p4 pro's motors ever have to be replaced after a certain flight time, and if so how much time?
  12. A

    Can't decide!

    I crashed my phantom 3 standard drone and sent it to be inspected/quoted. Gimbal was beyond repair and main board has transmitter damage preventing it from connecting to the DJI pilot app. All in all I'm better off buying a new drone. The inspection place charges a shipping fee to recover my...
  13. mattyd58

    P4 Roter Motor Replacement

    Hi. Does anyone know if replacing the prop motors on P4 uses same, simple procedure as its predecessors or is it more complicated? I've had good luck, never had to open mine or done any mods to it. This morning I had an 'incident'. Overall bird is fine but one motor seems to lag a bit. I'll...
  14. J

    Replacement Gimbal Camera Pins Issue

    Hey everybody... Crashed my P4 last week, completely ruined the Camera Gimbal unit. I ordered a replacement from DJI, but the power connector seems to have 5 pins... My old camera unit had 4 pins... Anybody know what this is about?
  15. C

    Gimbal Fan Noise

    Had my P3P recased few weeks back in NY at the DJI certified repair shop. Took a god awful long time and I don't want to send it back, but i got it back 1-2 weeks ago and haven't had a chance until today to start it up and put it in the sky again. I flew it but didn't notice any issues. When i...
  16. Noah Pierce

    Looking for stock antennas.

    My hardshell backpack case broke my antenna at the base.I thought about super glueing it.... but i don't think it will be able to rotate once glued... anyone have any suggestions? Or Potentially a stock antenna available?
  17. S

    Where to buy a replacement for the gimbal fan

    Hi everyone I am new to this forum, so please be mercyful in case I should do anything wrong :) Unfortunately, I recently crashed my phantom 3 professional. The camera gimbal took the most severe damage, I had to install a new flex cable and glue parts of the motor housings back together. It...
  18. Not A Speck Of Cereal

    Need new P3P gimbal / camera

    Hi all, I crashed my P3P and the camera/gimbal snapped off. See the pictures below. I'd like to buy the whole camera/gimbal package as affordable as possible (I'm unemployed right now), but can't find a link here to one. I'm sure I saw a thread just a few weeks ago, but I just moved and have...
  19. A

    Problems regarding Phantom 3 Standard motor compatibility.

    I have owned this product for about 3 months now (Phantom 3 Standard), and now one of the motors on it is failing. I know the reasoning for this. It's because I used to have the prop guards on it for safety, but when I removed them, I screwed in the long screws on the motors. Only one motor...
  20. L

    Interchanging 2312 and 2312a motors on phantom 3?

    I need to replace the 1 motor on my phantom 3, which uses the newer 2312a motors from DJI (Buy 2312A Motor (CCW) | DJI Store), but I have lots of spare motors that use the old 2312 motors from DJI (Buy 2312 Motor (CCW) | DJI Store). On the DJI website they say they aren't interchangeable, but...