1. L

    N-Number Transfer

    I'm pretty new to the drone scene. I'm currently in the process of getting my Part 107 license, but I purchased my Phantom 3 Pro used with someone who had it registered with an N-Number. How do I transfer that N-Number to me? Thanks in advance.
  2. C

    UAS Registration, LLC Questions

    Has anyone registered their commercial UAS under it's own LLC? I've been looking up information regarding the process, do you use the name of your business? Do you register that LLC in your state? Do I have to have a LLC already established before I can register my drone under it? Remote pilot...
  3. DreamToFly

    UK Drone pressure group?

    In recent news, we've been informed that the UK is planning on introducing tougher regulations and are set to milk the cash cow here. The reason for this tyrannical line the government are about to go down is partially idiot drone pilots monging it. Is there a sort of UK drone pressure...
  4. Mike2A

    FAA Spreadsheet of UAS Hobbyist/Non-Hobbyist Registrations by State/City/Zip

    Stumbled across this on the FAA UAS website, although a little stale (as of 5/12/2016), this is an Excel spreadsheet showing the number of hobbyist/non-hobbyiest UAS registrations by State/City/Zip. NOTE: RENAME FILE BY REMOVING ".TXT" FROM FILENAME BEFORE OPENING IN EXCEL. Passing it on, for...
  5. Tubebuzzer

    Drone Registration Application

    Greetings, I own a Phantom 3 Pro and have been flying for a few months now here in the Los Angeles area. I am also the cohost of a podcast that focuses on the difference between citizenship under Art. IV of the Constitution and the citizenship created by the 14th Amendment. While it is a...
  6. H

    registration question

    just paid the 5$ for the simple non commercial option just to make sure i was legal . my question is : when ever I'm ready to go out and try for paid jobs do i have to do the process again but for commercial lic ????
  7. B

    Phantom Registration Question

    I have had my phantom 3 professional for about a month now. I licensed it around a week after I got it. Am I supposed to be getting a sticker to put on the phantom? I ordered the package that comes with them so it can be considered as registered.
  8. Allstar Aerial

    Best way to register for commercial use...

    I see the federal site wants 199 to register commercially but then I see other sites that say they can do the same for $15. Anyone provide some clarity?
  9. N

    Professional Newbie initial startup advice

    hi all, I purchased a P3P in August of 2015, life got in the way.since then I have acquired the following Head play goggles HDMI output module Shield K1 Maxuav with sunhans 4 extra batteries Hard case I have never powered up or installed the props. I installed go app on my iPhone back then...
  10. camfirstflyer

    New Regs for Drones in Canada

    Drone knowledge testing 'to avoid disaster' part of Transport Canada rules proposal Summary: - Device registration - Knowledge test - Age limits (14-16 years) - Liability insurance for recreational drones over 250 grams (9 oz.) meanwhile it will be easier to get commercial license: "You go...
  11. A

    Steps to remove FAA registration?

    I have just sold my P3P and want to remove my FAA registration. What are the steps to do that? TIA
  12. M

    Kicked out of Joseph D. Grant County Park...

    Hello Everybody, I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and thank you all in advance. So I just bought my P3P two weeks ago, and have flown it on five separate occasions since. Today, the fifth time, we drove up to Joseph D. Grant County Park, a county park near San Jose, CA...
  13. F

    FAA registration question

    One thing that puzzles me about FAA registration as it applies to Phantoms. As I understand it, you can't even get your Phantom to work until you've registered it with DJI. Presumably, that registration links your Phantom's unique registration number with your name and address. This means...
  14. Fantasmagorico

    What is the purpose of the FAA registration number?

    What is the purpose of the FAA registration number? Does one have to carry the printable card in one's wallet? Does one have to write the number on the aircraft? Is there going to be a drone police checking registrations?
  15. clackey

    Drone law experts say challenge to FAA registration rule is likely to succeed

    “Section 336 of the FMRA expressly provides that the FAA ‘may not promulgate any rule or regulation regarding a model aircraft,’” Brant Hadaway, a partner at Diaz, Reus & Targ, LLP, who works on regulatory-compliance cases and writes about drone law, said in an email. “When Congress says that an...
  16. WetDog

    Is it time for more aluminum foil?

    I just noticed that my FAA UAS registration was a concatenation of part of my REI account number and my dog's name. Coincidence? I
  17. WetDog


    Is this what the FAA wants? (6 point type) Interestingly enough, that's my dog's name....
  18. Pulsar747n

    Update on US Registration

    Came across this post in the Inspire Forum which I thought it is an important update for Phantom owners: FAA Report: Article: This Is How the FAA's Mandatory Drone Registration Program Will Likely Work Original Inspire...
  19. SteveMann

    Article on General Aviation News about drone registration

    Ben Sclair, a well known General Aviation advocate has written an article about the Registration Task Force. As usual, Ben amazes me with his grasp of the situation. Here's the link to his article: Maybe we can register common sense