rc controller

  1. Æ

    Remote Control RC does not switch on

    Hi, I just purchased a brand new Phantom 3 Advanced and downloaded the software on the PC and the App to my iPad mini. All went well with the drone update (lights and noises as it accepted the upgrade) . I plugged in the iPad and the system camera came up on the screen asking for an upgrade, I...
  2. K

    Phantom 4 Pro+ Option For Mapping

    A couple questions about using the Phantom 4 Pro+ for 2d mapping. First off I did not realize that pro+ was limited in app selection for mapping when I bought it. I need advice please! I work in landscape design and we, primarily, work on large country properties. We would like to incorporate...
  3. E

    P3S Weak/Loss of Signal under 500 ft.

    Hello everyone, I am needing some guidance dealing with loss of signal with my P3S. I fly my P3S around home quite a bit taking photos of our farm, land, and home, etc. I have noticed if I try taking it out past 500 ft. I get a weak RC Signal warning usually followed by a complete loss of signal...
  4. D

    Battery on controler

    It appears the controller is not charging plug it in and the lights go on, but go out within 30 seconds. It also does not stay on to turn it on. any one have that problem.
  5. Zhafran

    RC Blinking Green

    Last night, after i update latest firmware, my RC shows "No SIGNAL" then i try to re-install my RC using the button by pressing (C1 + C2 + Rec button + Scroll panel).. after sometimes it not running the installation process then the Green LED change to blinking RED. Today i try using DJI GO...
  6. F

    RC Phantom 3 Professional No Beeps

    My controller for my P3P doesnt make any beeps when turning on nor when the low battery warning hits. Has anyone else had this and would an update help?
  7. M

    Linking Everytime

    Hi, i have an issue and i need your kindly help!! the problem is that i have to link the rc every time i turn it on to use it, but when i turn it on the rc led is green and the yellow lights of the copter appears. i do not know what to do!! Thanks
  8. M

    phantom 3 std link button HELP!!!!

    Hi! I recently bought a dji phantom 3 std and after using it sometimes the linking button fell off and now i cannot link the aircraft with his rc. i would like to know if someone knows how to install it. it has 4 contacts in the mainboard but i think theres only 2 which i need to connect. Thanks...
  9. F

    Phantom 3 RC help (Need Ribbon)

    Hello all, Recently discovered right joystick and RTH button mounts had failed internally - I Took apart, and upon opening the case the main/con ribbon popped loose from main board before I unlocked it. This seemed to weaken the ribbon connector's ability to lock the cable down. After...
  10. Flying Dre

    P4 RC plastic mobile device holder - stopped working

    Hi guys, I've had P4 for a couple of weeks and only done 2-3 hours of flying. Overall very happy with the drone. The only thing I am very disappointed with is the plastic mobile device holder that simply stopped clamping the phone in place. Must be a very sh*tty cheap mechanism inside that lost...
  11. M

    Hello world, from Metron Force

    Hello Phantom Pilots. Please allow our intro. We are Metron Force and we have developed an all-new way to control drones. But, we need your support to launch it. Please sign up for our newsletter on our website to keep informed and follow us on social media too (@METRONFORCE). These actions do...
  12. S

    P3P RC WTB or help fix :(

    So my RC screws all broke and the controller fell apart, I've looked over it very carefully and everything works fine except the C1 C2 buttons and the USB and microusb ports, now looking at the ribbon cable that goes from mainboard to com board, it doesn't appear to have any breaks or anything...
  13. Dangerous Dave

    P4 Firmware update will not install after receiving back form DJI North repair after water crash!

    Not sure not what to do. Just received my P4 back from IFLIGHT TECHNOLOGY CO. This was from a water dunk in Lake Havasu about a month ago. Though DJI would cover but said that if flown over water it would not be covered. Cost $227 to get it fixed. But Now..... after turning on it had...
  14. C

    Phantom 3 Standard Remote Control

    I have lost my Phantom 3 Standard and now have a remote control for sale. Don't know what it's worth. Make me an offer. It's only 2 weeks old. Don't feel bad for me though, I have a brand new P3A sitting at home waiting to go. :)
  15. RonSpr

    Broken Controller Video Button

    My P3A controller took a tumble yesterday and landed right on the video start/stop button. The button has lost any feel of movement now. It still actually works, but any quick movement of the controller will activate it. Has anyone tried to replace one of these? I've emailed the repair...
  16. B


    Hi, I have a phantom 4, my rc controller used to charge my devices ( iphone and ipad) when connected and flying and now it has stopped doing that. I can still connect to the DJI GO APP but I am worried that I have a defective USB PORT. Once I connect my Iphone to the controller via usb port it...
  17. wieshka

    P3 Firmware Firmware V01.08.0080 connectivity issues

    So the winter is over (yes, did some flights over winter as well) and it is the time to clean the dust from my P3A and have some fun, so started with FW update. Few days ago DJI announced new Firmware - V01.08.0080, so I did the upgrade and now I am facing very annoying issues: 1) sometimes...
  18. WetDog

    App optional day ... (HDMI board)

    Just installed the HDMI board on my P3P. In fiddling with it, I've discovered that you really don't need the DJI Go app. Hook up an HDMI monitor and you get the the camera screen, the basic OSD info (battery only as a percentage), GPS signal strength, RC signal strength, altitude, speed...