1. H

    SD card ejected while flying on my Phantom 4 advanced!

    Hey I wonder if this has happened to other Phantom 4 drone owners. Yesterday I was flying in really mesmerizing landscapes in the south of Sweden, for around 30min, and then I changed the batterie, and before flying I saw the SD card icon was red with exclamation mark the SD card was gone, so I...
  2. F

    Phantom 4 Advanced fell down

    Hi, My drone fell to the ground and got damaged 20m away from me 10m up in air just seconds after take off. What could cause this and what can I do now? Log: DJI Flight Log Viewer - Thanks, Lars
  3. M

    Compass stuck on Phantom 3s refurbished, common problem?

    Hello, sometimes when I try to start the engines on my P3S I get the warning "compass stuck, restart the aircraft". Is it a common problem with refurbished P3S?
  4. brokenprops115

    Phantom 4 video choppy/not playing when played on PC & Chromebook

    Hi, I currently own a Phantom 4 Advanced. Whenever I view the video files on my mobile device (iPhone 6) the video is amazingly smooth. Also, the video is perfectly smooth on a MacBook Pro. When I transfer the files to my PC from the Micro SD card, the video becomes terribly choppy and useless...
  5. Maahi

    Phantom 4 Problem after Downgrading from v2.0.106 to v1.2.503

    Got some serious issues on flight stability and gimbal movement on my P4 after updating to latest version (ie v2.0.106) so I tried to downgrade v1.2.503, but no official option available on Assistant 2. Then I used DUMLdore to flash FW and it's successfully downgraded, and I got butter smooth...
  6. D

    propellers in the shot? problem with the drone?

    Hi, I am a new drone pilot and took a Phantom 4 Pro+ out to test today and I've just noticed in the footage that sometimes the propellers are in the shot. Here's a link to a very shot clip that shows them in the shot: . Is this normal? Is there a problem with the drone? Thanks in advance, Paul
  7. N

    Help: Low Video Quality Suddenly

    Hello! I need some help with my Phantom 3 Standard. I've had it for 6 months from new with no problems, then suddenly the video quality reduced dramatically. I have two examples for reference (though keeping in mind vimeo knocked the quality down): Normal video quality: Recent video quality...
  8. F

    Exiting Tap To Fly and Go 4 App Blanking.

    I have had my Phantom 4 Pro for a week and a day now. To say its been interesting is a bit of an understatement. Apparently looking at other postings recently on this forum I am not the only one. Problems in a nutshell. All the software up to date on all the items. Batteries fully...
  9. H

    how to open P4P camera? any help please?

    Hello, I had to fly in humid conditions (just humid, fog/mist in a rainforest - not heavy rain) and somehow humidity got trapped inside camera. gimbal is acting erratically and i have problem lowering camera down and pulling it up. seems something inside not moving smoothly. additionally, when...
  10. Bermuda Sunset

    New Guy from Philippines

    Good day everyone, as you could guess I'm a newbie here and don't get mad I'm not even a drone owner yet, although I do have one ordered. Unfortunately I may be changing my mind on the whole deal living as I do in the Philippines. Again unfortunately this isn't a great country to buy anything...
  11. H

    problems out of the box? firmware + battery

    Hi I just received my P4P - my 7th drone, so i usually know my way around. but it is my first P4, so I want to make sure about problems I have: First - spare battery received in package seems dead. no lights, not blinking when charged, nothing. I think it was stored for too long and is just...
  12. R

    Camera ribbon replacement now this!

    Ok so I did have a very bad crash the other day. The bird flew at full speed at a large metal object......think the compass was affected. So instead of crashing full speed into this object (water tower) I decided to kill the motors and let her come down from about 10 feet. well it flipped over...
  13. A

    Phantom 4 pro weaker gimbal than previous models?

    I did alll calibrations you can think of. More and more people are starting to complain about this issue. Some have send it back for repairs, but even after that DJI did not fix the issue. Some say its normal, but the older drones handle it all perfect in some wind conditions. They say the p4p...
  14. A

    Phantom 3 Standard - Argtek Issues

    I recently obtained an official, Argtek antenna mod, and to the best of my knowledge installed it correctly, with the white wire on the bottom, and i'm only achieving 200m out of it with constant interference notification popping up. I have flew my drone in this place multiple times at the same...
  15. F

    DJI Go App - Android - LG G4 - Tutorials/Sim not working

    Have you guys are experiencing problems to run the simulator? No there is three horizontal lines on the top right of the screen that shows another menu Scan QR / Tutorial. But I can select none of them. So, I can not run simulator/tutorials. Someone having the same problem? It is working...
  16. D

    DJI GO App

    Hello everyone I am a complete novice in flying drones (I literary got a Phantom 3 Standard as a birthday present last week). My drone is still in its box. The reason for that is that when I tried to download the DJI GO App, I really got put off by the atrocious reviews about the latest updated...
  17. lovecrafthobbit

    PV+ after crash, battery no longer smart, and controller moves camera

    Hello, First time poster, please pardon if I'm not doing this right. I have a Phantom Vision+, I've not really had problems with it, and I like it. I recently flew it into a tree and it fell hard to pavement. The battery popped out and I broke a prop. I got everything back together, and now the...
  18. H

    Phantom standard and android problem

    Today I went with a friend to fly, he has a standard and i have an advanced, but the standard did not want to connect to the go app, we try whit 2 devices one Moto X and my note 4, it cost us a lot to connect and when connecting the lag in the video was terrible in both devices ... could...
  19. pounder35

    Strange things going on.

    I'm not sure where to start. Sunday I had very erratic actions with my P3A trying both Litchi and DJI GO. I got no signal warnings and strong interference warnings which I thought might be signal jamming at an event I was at. I was able to fly briefly but after landing I had the warnings again...
  20. R

    Need help phantom 2 will not arm after startup

    I have been trying to get this working for about a year. Phantom 2 was working fine one day then the next day I turned on my phantom normal leds when going through the scycle the I have no leds, it will not arm. When connected to the asistant software I get bad compass err I replaced the compass...