1. Zen Ho

    DJI Phantom 4 over Tung Lung Chau [4K]

    Tung Lung Chau, home of a three-hundred year old fort and an ancient rock carving ,is a well-known site for wild-camping, mountaineering and barbeque.
  2. N

    DJI Go camera view

    this problem solved.... Hoping this is a simple problem. New Phantom 4 ... seems to link fine with the controller as I can move the camera ... but when I follow the instructions to link thecontroller with the drone, I never get a camera view button on the equipment tab of the DJI Go app. I...
  3. benbecker

    My Unboxing Video of the DJI Phantom 4

    Hey guys ! Here is my unboxing video of the DJI Phantom 4, I know there is plenty of it but I made it pretty simple to have a quick idea of what comes in the box when you purchased a P4 and I added my French touch ;) Let me know your opinion, it's my very first youtube video ! Thanks. Ben
  4. p2fullyloaded

    Phantom 4 Canada

    Anyone in Canada order one yet? I'm in Ottawa and would prefer to buy local over DJI direct but I've also read about some of the advantages of buying from DJI online as well.....Hmmmm...decisions...decisions...
  5. Hycken

    Phantom 4 vs Inspire 1

    Hi Guys! Im about to upgrade from my Phantom 2 with a gopro 3+ black edit. I need some guidance in my next drone, Inspire 1 or Phantom 4. grateful for advises! //Hyck
  6. J

    DJI Phantom 4 - Emergency Mode

    Hi guys! The new DJI Phantom 4 gives a very good account of itself by amazing new features and equipment and I gotta say, I’m mightily impressed. Nonetheless, as I’ve read in this article DJI Phantom 4: Infos, Release und Preise, there’s also a new Emergency Mode which will stop flying Phantom...
  7. I

    No Lightbridge 2 :(

    I was hoping that the P4 will include the new LightBridge 2 which has 50ms latency and 1080p live feed vs 220ms and 720p in lightbridge 1. In terms of fpv, the P3 was a very big jump comparing to P2 vision+, buy now, other then the improved speed in sport mode, I find nothing appealing in the...