phantom 4 pro +

  1. OOO

    Canyon Video

    This canyon is located in Western Black Sea region of Turkey. Filmed with P4P. I'm relatively new to drone flying and videography. As a colorblind person I would really appreciate if you let me know your opinion about colors. Thanks
  2. UAVScanEagle

    Scenic Florida - Phantom 4 Pro + first video

  3. Skyler King III

    Panorama for Phantom 4 Pro Plus ?

    I am well acquainted with Litchi and have used it extensively on my Phantom 4, Mavic. But how can I get panorama on my Phantom 4 pro PLUS ?
  4. rexsaysausages

    Getting the hang of this now!

    I've been a lurker here for a couple of months now, read the manual and studied the forum extensively, and i'm now confident enough to start making videos now flying is second nature, What an incredible machine the phantom 4 pro is! I've waited an age for a drone with a camera this good and as...
  5. J

    Stream Phantom 4 pro Plus Video to Computer

    What is the best way to get live video to your computer from the Phantom 4 pro plus?
  6. J


  7. D

    Phantom 4 Pro+ 4K Problems and More

    Good to see that some people are having success with their Phantom 4 Pro +. Not I. In fact, I'm really not sure it could get any worse. If you like to shoot in 4k and with a built in screen, (aka the reason you paid more for this then the P4 or even the P4Pro) there are numerous users like...
  8. JaredReabow

    PHANTOM 4 VS PHANTOM 4 PRO +, video

  9. DroneOnNDP

    Shooting Panoramic Photos with P4P, Advice?

    Hi all, searched far and wide in the forum and internets and not finding any really good info or tutorials on photographing panoramic images with P4P, specifically without the use of apps outside DJI GO 4 as I'm on a P4P+ with no access to 3rd party apps just yet (please hold the that's why I...
  10. Skyler King III

    Can telemetry on DJI cloud be accessed DIRECT from Desktop computer

    Can telemetry on DJI cloud be accessed DIRECT from Desktop computer? ie.e is there a aw, through a web browser to log into the DJI cloud and download? I KNOW I can get them from my SmartPhone/Tablet but I'm looking to get it DIRECTLY through the web from the DJI Cloud to my desktop. Thanks...
  11. Skyler King III

    How to get the log file off Phantom 4 Professional Plus?

    How to get the log file off Phantom 4 Professional Plus? I want to upload it to Healthy Drones. Thanks, in advance, for any assistance.
  12. Skyler King III

    MicroSD card too slow?

    In my Phantom 4 Pro +, using a Lexar 64GB XC1 "633x" while recording video, I frequently get a message that says "video too slow" or something like that. Video stops. You can start again but stops every few minutes. This MicroSD card is blue and black. Comments and suggestions? I don't have...
  13. Skyler King III

    Phantom 4 Pro + Obstacle Avoidance works

    Phantom 4 Pro + Obstacle Avoidance works, see this example of my Phantom 4 P + avoiding small tree branches. It approached, stopped, claimed above it and proceeded. I have a Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Pro _ and a Mavic will be here Monday. I love DJI's products but their customer support could...
  14. J

    Canyon Trees - 4k Test with new P4P+

    Wanted to test my 4K workflow and the dlog settings with h.265 format. Here was the end result.
  15. Skyler King III

    When flying a Litchi Mission in P4P+ and you lose signal...

    When flying a Litchi Mission in P4P+ and you lose signal, and you have sufficient battery and you have enable return to home on loss of signal, when flying the Litchi Mission and you lose signal, will it continue mission or will it stop and RTH ?
  16. F

    p4p+ island edit

    I just got the Phantom 4p+ and tested it out in St John island. I was super impressed with the p4p, it's my first drone but its precision was amazing.... Can't wait to fly some more!
  17. Filipe

    Phantom 4 Pro +

    Hi, i have just tested my new P4pro+ today, definitely needs firmware update... when i startupthe remote and then the drone 2 out of 3 times had to wait for approximately 5 minutes to get camera live picture aldough i could already get all the other info and control the picture takes a lot to...
  18. J

    Disaster Strikes!

    I received the P4P+ for Christmas from my very generous wife. I am into photography as a hobby and I thought this drone would allow me to get some great shots. I have been flying at every opportunity and I was getting pretty confident with it although I only had less than 3 hours of flight time...
  19. M

    P4P is way better than P4? But is it worth it?

    So, DJI have really stepped up a gear with the release of Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic Pro and Inspire 2. I currently own a P4 and a newly (just arrived yesterday) Mavic Pro! Finally! Now the question is, is it worth upgrading to P4P? I want to get the people who have P4 in the past or now and P4P...
  20. L

    Connect P4P+ Android monitor to iPhone hotspot

    If I set up a personal hotspot with my iPhone 7+, would the android tablet on the phantom 4 pro+ be able to connect to it?