phantom 4 advanced

  1. G

    Cant find specific flex cable online, that is inside the camera (P4 Advanced)

    Can't find this specific flex cable anywhere online yo buy it. It's one out of the three that are found inside the camera household (case) its part number is: P02076.04 KW1743
  2. T

    My drone drops gps constantly

    Hello colleagues, let me ask for advice: For the second time the drone / Phantom4adv /samsung tablet/ does the following after it took off and had gps coverage, starts losing and receiving a GPS signal, finally stops searching for GPS and switches to ATTI mode until landing, / the problem is not...
  3. I

    Phantom 4 Advanced gimbal whining noise. PLEASE HELP

    So I've read about this issue before and tried all the things recommended but my gimbal still makes this bad whining noise. I haven't had any crashes so not sure why it would just start making this noise. I hoping that there is some sort of beta firmware I can try to see if that solves the...
  4. H

    SD card ejected while flying on my Phantom 4 advanced!

    Hey I wonder if this has happened to other Phantom 4 drone owners. Yesterday I was flying in really mesmerizing landscapes in the south of Sweden, for around 30min, and then I changed the batterie, and before flying I saw the SD card icon was red with exclamation mark the SD card was gone, so I...
  5. D

    compass accuracy Phantom 4 advance/pro

    Hello All, I wasn't able to find in the internet what is the accuracy of Phantom 4 Advance compass (I believe it is similar to the pro) so if anyone know the answer it will be great, or where i can find those specs
  6. Pixies Channel.

    Bolsover castle, Phantom 4

    Bolsover Castle is a castle in Bolsover, Derbyshire, England (grid reference SK471707). It was built in the early 17th century by the Cavendish family, on the site of a medieval castle founded in the 12th century by the Peverel family. The site is now in the care of English Heritage and is a...
  7. A

    FS: DJI Phantom 4/Advanced/Pro Batteries (PH4-5870/PH4-5350) - $80

    make / manufacturer: DJI model name / number: PH4-5870mAh 1 x PH4-5870mAh battery (new, in box) - $130 1 x PH4-5870mAh battery (~50 cycles) - $100 2 x PH4-5350mAh battery (~50 cycles) - $80 each $350 for all 4 ForSale (8 Of 9) by Andrei V posted Aug 27, 2018 at 7:47 AM
  8. B

    Silver material on my DJI and battaries

    Hello all, I fly my drone a lot. I noticed silver stains between my battery and drone. Could one of my batteries be broken or about to explode? Please see the attached images. Can someone help me? Thanks.
  9. F

    Phantom 4 Advanced fell down

    Hi, My drone fell to the ground and got damaged 20m away from me 10m up in air just seconds after take off. What could cause this and what can I do now? Log: DJI Flight Log Viewer - Thanks, Lars
  10. J

    Lost phantom 4 advance.

    Hi. I went to bear mountain ny july 1 and i lost my drone with everything in it. If anyone found it please contact me. Thanks
  11. Sønnavind Dronefoto

    DJI combo | Jetski Water Activities Norway | P4A and Osmo Plus

    Check out this short teaser made for a local business promoting water activities in the southern Norway :) Clips filmed yesterday and this is a small comp with some of them :)
  12. S

    P4 Firmware P4A Pano Firmware - May 2018

    Hi Can I please ask, is anyone testing or involved in the Beta testing for Pano mode firmware update for the P4A ? Also if you are or other people that have been in the past, what are the usual timescales for testing being moved into production(I appreciate subject to issues/bugs) ? Thanks
  13. jules13

    Phantom 4 Adv RC and AC can't connect to Samsung tab s2 9.7"

    So I bought my phantom 4 adv a week ago and a Samsung tab s2 9.7" (T815) as a main tablet. I flew once to check everything and it worked with good - there was flew times S2 didn't connect to RC, but mostly everything was ok. But then a couple days after I wanted to use my drone again and I...
  14. archetipo

    Running on the Fields of Paradise

    Phantom 4 Pro. Sardinia (Italy). Facebook Page - Instagram Page - Youtube Channel
  15. M

    Using manual focus in video...

    I am getting a Phantom 4 advanced this week. For years of flying with a GoPro 4 on a Phantom 2 for about 4 years, I’m having trouble understanding why I would want to ever use manual focus for video? (I can understand for still photos). With the GoPro having a fixed focus, I’ve never once felt...
  16. M

    Price drop on p4 pro/advanced..?

    I just wanted to get people's thoughts on pricing. I've seen rumors that a possible Phantom 5 may be coming. Do you think there would be any price drop at all for a Phantom 4 Pro/Advanced (I want the advanced) once a 5 comes out? -Michael
  17. Ibrahim moh

    Phantom 4 Camera sensor error FIXED :)

    "Camera Sensor Error" and "Hardware Malfunction. Contact DJI Support to for repairs". How to fix it !! yu can fix it by yourself. .:sunglasses: (Sorry for my weak language, I'm not very good in English ) so Shown patient :sweatsmile: First i'll tell you what i trying to get the answer...
  18. N

    Phantom 4 Advanced crash, gimbal mount damage

    Has anyone had to replace the vibration absorber that connects the gimbal to the aircraft frame? I sideswiped some tree foliage with my P4A, and it fell into bushes 50 ft. below that broke the fall. The props weren't broken, nor the landing gear, and no cracks show. It still flies okay and the...
  19. G

    P4A Gimbal Replacement

    My gimbal is completely gone; limp and no movement at all. Does anyone know where I get a gimbal spare part for a Phantom 4?
  20. Sønnavind Dronefoto

    Cold Sunset - Norway

    Hi all! Yesterday, I finally got the shots i wanted of the sun going down behind some hills from a frozen lake. The colors were beautiful and I think i managed the shooting pretty well - very satisified with the result! Please, have a look yourself and don't hesitate with feedback + or - :)...